Why the word ‘bonus’ could explain the whole online gambling industry

The online gambling industry is an extremely lucrative business and it brings in billions of dollars each and every year. The one small little word ‘bonus’ could actually explain the whole online gambling industry. You would be hard pushed to find an online casino that does not offer bonuses to their players nowadays. Online gambling is such a competitive industry that online casinos have to have a way of attracting new players to their casinos. Their way, in order to do this, is by the use of bonuses to entice the players in. When it comes to online gambling that is what everyone is talking about – what bonuses are offered. Can you imagine what online gambling would be like, if there were to be absolutely no bonuses offered whatsoever? It is highly unlikely that this industry would see so many players.

Back in the late ‘90s, signup bonuses were actually a lot more generous. This is because the online gambling industry was still relatively new at that time. With it being such a young industry, there were far less players and certainly less competition around. As more casinos started to open, which in turn started offering bonuses to their players, this is when the industry really started to grow and saw a dramatic increase in the number of online gamblers. Back then bonuses were a lot less regulated, but as they are now the focal point of pretty much every online casino, bonuses now come with many different restrictions and clauses, which is referred to as the bonuses’ Terms and Conditions.

Everything in this industry is now spinning around these bonuses that are offered. Whether it be a welcome bonus, a reload bonus, a no deposit bonus – everyone is offering them and competing against each other. However, it’s not just the casinos that are talking about bonuses, it is the topic of every gambler and certainly that of affiliate sites, too. When you visit an affiliate site, you will see the latest bonuses that are on offer at hundreds of different casinos. Let’s say, for example, the online casinos of today were not offering any bonuses at all. The industry would be completely different and there may not even be the massive call for us affiliate websites.

Bonuses can make your time at an online casino even more thrilling. Most of the time you can double your bankroll with a deposit. Additionally,bonuses may allow some players to take more risks, place bigger bets and, ultimately, try and win more money. Still, it is useful to know there really are bonuses out there now to match every type of gambler. The question that lies here is: would this industry be so lucrative, if it were not for bonuses?

Pretty much every player looks to find a bonus they can play with. The percentage of players that only look for an online casino to play in without a bonus is probably considerably lower than those who do look for bonuses. Affiliate sites have become so popular and a necessity for some players, as we are able to collate all of the online casinos and their bonuses in one easy place, where players can compare and pick the best bonus that is suited to their gambling needs.

That being said, a world without casino bonuses could be very boring for the online gamblers of today.