Most online casinos these days will support various currencies, allowing you to gamble using your local currency. Players look for an enjoyable experience, so being able to play in your own currency is something that will contribute to that experience. If you are able to play in your local currency, this can provide great benefits for you.


To start off, it will allow you to easily figure out your winnings. You will be able to tell what your bonuses are worth and it can avoid the process of having to convert your currency. If you play in a currency that is not your local currency, this can often incur conversion fees and can become extremely complicated. For example, if you deposit via an electronic payment such as a credit card or debit card, the card issuer may charge for the service. This is certainly something you should check first in order to avoid any unpleasant charges. When choosing a payment method or at registration, you really need to make sure that the casino supports your local currency. Unfortunately, you may come across a casino that does not offer a wide variety of currencies, so you may have to play in a more unfamiliar currency. If this is the case, make sure you fully understand that currency. The last thing you want is to deposit and not be able to work out how much you are betting, winning or indeed losing.


There are many online casinos that will allow at least five different currencies. The most common currencies used are:

  • Sterling Pounds (£),
  • Euros (€),
  • US Dollars (USD),
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • and Australian Dollars (AUD).


Some casinos may only stick to offering one or two of the major currencies like GBP, EUR and USD. This is to make it easier for that casino to process its payments and withdrawals. As well as the most popular currencies, there can be as many as 15-20 currencies to play with and each casino will have their own individual number to choose from.


Whenever you register at an online casino, check first that that casino offers a currency that you are comfortable playing with. We briefly mentioned above that sometimes you may need to pick your currency during the registration process. While not all online casinos provide this at registration, some do. If you find there is no option on the registration form for you to pick a currency, we strongly advise you to check elsewhere that your local currency is available first. This can usually be located somewhere near the top of the casino’s website via a drop-down box. If you cannot locate the information, you can always check with the casino’s support who will be able to help. When choosing the currency during registration, it is vital that you choose the correct one. Failure to do so can result in you not being able to play at that casino right away. If you do choose the wrong currency, some casinos will not allow you to change it later on. This means you will have to contact support to ask them to cancel your account in order for you to re-register. This can be a lengthy procedure. However, some casinos will allow you to change the currency later on. Each and every casino will have their own procedures when it comes to currency.


We touched on the subject earlier when you have to play at a casino that does not offer your local currency. For example, you may be from the United Kingdom but can only play in USD or vice versa. This can be the case for any country you are from. If your country is allowed to play at the casino, but the currency is not supported, make sure you choose a currency you are comfortable with. There is no point in depositing in a foreign currency that you simply can’t work out. This is sure to be a hindrance to your gameplay. Also, remember that, if you play in a currency other than your local currency and you withdraw, your bank may charge a fee for the conversion back to your local currency. You may find that some casinos will allow you to deposit in your local currency, but you will have to play in a different currency. Again, this is something you should check before registering or making your deposit.


When it comes to bonuses, choosing the correct currency at time of registration or deposit is very important, as well. A casino may restrict players from receiving a bonus if they have opted to play in a currency other than their local currency. This information can usually be found in the casino’s Terms and Conditions. However, at some casinos, if you are holding your account in a different currency, you will receive an equivalent amount in your own currency. You can check the exchange rates using a currency converter.


In conclusion to this guide, we must remind you of the importance of choosing the right currency. Playing in your local currency should always be your first call at any casino, tread with caution if you have to play in any other currency. And remember, if you do choose the wrong currency, this can be irreversible in the future.