Why should I keep all these confirmation emails when making a deposit?

So, you have chosen the casino you want to play, picked your deposit method and made your deposit. You are all ready to start playing! Still, there is just one more thing. Once you have made a successful deposit, you may receive a confirmation email from the casino to confirm that the deposit has been made. Every respected casino brand would send such deposit confirmation to you by email. The email will go to the email address you have registered in your casino account. Keep this email up-to-date at all times, so you will receive these emails.


This email will contain certain information relating to your deposit. Most importantly, it will tell you that your deposit has been successful at the casino and will usually contain the date and the time and possibly your username. You may also receive an email confirmation if you make a deposit that has not been successful. For example, if you attempt to make a deposit, but there are insufficient funds in your account.


There are a number of reasons you should keep these email confirmations and it is recommended that you keep all of your confirmation emails after you have made a deposit. First and foremost, it is your confirmation that you have made a deposit. If for some reason, your balance does not change when you make a deposit, this email will become very important as your proof. This email will avoid any misconceptions that you have made a deposit, should you run into trouble with the casino.


If you have to have discussions later down the line regarding your account, you may need to refer back to these emails as proof of your deposits. By keeping these emails, you can keep track of all of your activities at that casino. Additionally, if you were to come into a serious issue with the casino regarding your money, it will be good to have these emails as proof in case you need them.


You can also think of these email confirmations as extra security for you. As we mentioned, you will receive an email once a deposit has been made. This will happen regardless of the deposit method you have chosen. So, if you have deposited by credit or debit card or even an e-wallet, you will receive that email confirmation. This could be extra security for you in case, for example, your credit or debit card was stolen. If someone was to fraudulently use your card to deposit, then the email will come to your email address informing you that you have just made a deposit. Obviously, you will know that you haven’t and that someone has just used your card, so you will then be able to deal with this accordingly by contacting the card issuer and the casino. This works the same if someone has managed to access your E-wallet accounts and makes a deposit.


If you are a gambler that makes a lot of deposits, then keeping your email confirmations could be a great way of keeping track of all your deposits and purchases over a long period of time. If you want to keep track of your spending you could create and designate an email folder especially for your deposit confirmations. This way you can refer back to them at any time to see what you are spending and could help you budget for the future.


Each gambler is different and will each have their own reasons for keeping these emails, but we recommend that you keep them. Should any situations arise where you do need them, then they will always be there for you.