Can I get to the casino manager somehow?

Every online casino you play in will have its own designated manager, and what many players do not know is that they can request to speak to the casino manager at any time. A casino manager is more commonly known as a ‘Casino Pit Boss’, which you may hear other players referring to in forums or simply the manager on shift. This means that depending on how long your game sessions last it could mean that a number of different casino managers will change shift. Regardless of this you can indeed request to speak directly with the online casino manager. There will always be a casino manager on shift regardless of the time of day, as they oversee the casino and also the staff.


There could be many reasons why you would want to speak to a casino manager and, if you didn’t already know that you can speak to them like we mentioned above, you most certainly can. Sometimes speaking to a casino manager is even better for you and helps speeds things up, but more about that later in the guide.


Requesting to speak to a casino manager is relatively easy, providing the online casino has live chat. When you use the live chat facility, whether it be for some general enquiry or because of a problem, you will usually just go through a customer support agent. Here you then have two choices. You can carry out the discussions with the customer support agent and, if you are not satisfied with their response, you can then request to speak to the casino manager on shift. Or, as we mentioned earlier, you can sometimes just directly ask to go straight through to a casino manager. Whichever of these you decide to do, the customer support agent should then see if the casino manager is available to speak to you. If not, you may have to wait a short while. The casino manager will then be available to chat to you in live chat. If there has been a problem that you have just discussed with the customer support agent, the casino manager may need to take a few minutes to catch up on the discussion in order to save you having to repeat everything.


You can request to speak to a casino manager for a number of different things. As we just mentioned, it could be that you have a dispute or it could even be related to bonus matters. Some online casinos may designate high rollers their own casino matter. However, regardless of how much you bet, you can always request to speak to a casino matter regarding bonus matters.


Remember, a casino manager generally has more authority than a customer support agent, so they may be able to hand out more things to you than the support agent. If you have never actually spoken to a casino manager before, you can try this out at any time. If you are having problems, sometimes speaking to a casino manager may also help to speed things out, so don’t ever be afraid to ask for a casino manager.


If the casino you are playing at does not have a live chat option, then getting to speak to a casino manager can be a little more difficult, although not impossible. It will be a lot slower in order to speak to a casino manager as this would need to be done via email, but is just a matter of persistence. Email the casino requesting to speak to a manager and then take it from there.


So, in conclusion to this guide: yes, you can get to the casino manager simply by asking and this can even go in your favour.