Deposit bonuses are great because you get to double, sometimes triple and or even quadruple, your initial deposit amount. This means that, if you deposit a hundred credits, you could find yourself playing with more than a couple of hundred credits instead. You will probably notice when you first start playing at an online casino that most providers offer these bonuses. One thing is for sure and that is: most online casinos will offer their players deposit bonuses. There is a limited amount of casinos that will not offer their players, especially new players, some kind of bonus when you make a deposit. It really is no secret that a casino will offer you a bonus in the hope that you will use it and start playing at their casino.


For the purpose of this guide we will talk about four different kinds of deposit bonuses. These are welcome bonuses / sign-up bonuses, match bonuses, reload bonuses and high roller bonuses. Before throwing yourself into the world of online gambling it would be a good idea to check all of these bonuses so that you are aware of each of them. This guide will help you with all the information you need to get you started.


Welcome bonus/ sign-up bonus

Okay, so let’s start with the most tempting of all the bonuses and one that is extremely popular, the welcome bonus, also known as the sign-up bonus or new player bonus. The welcome bonus is probably the largest and most prolific type of bonuses available. They are also widely spread across the entire online gambling world. You’d be hard pushed to find a casino that did not offer you a welcome bonus of some kind.


A welcome bonus consists of a number of credits that is specified as a percentage amount. The percentage amount will be equal to your initial, successful deposit at that casino. In most cases, this will be calculated and credited to your balance automatically. Some casinos may require you to put in a bonus code of some kind, but most casinos will automatically credit you with the percentage match of your deposit instantly on completion of your deposit without any codes being required. In rare cases, you may be required to contact the casino’s support team to get the bonus added after you have deposited. If this is the case, it is important that you do not place any bets whatsoever before contacting support. If you do place bets first, the chances are you will not be eligible for the welcome bonus.


Now, the percentage that you will get at each casino on your deposit will vary from casino to casino. Usually, these limits are in between 50 and 200%, but there are certain casinos that offer even more than this. Some are even known to offer up to 400%. For example, say a casino that you were depositing at was offering between the average 50% – 200%. If you were to make a deposit of 100 credits, the bonus you would get is between 50 and 200 credits, depending on the exact percentage. So, on a deposit of 100 credits, a 200% welcome bonus would give you a further 200 credits and you would play with a total of 300 credits. The most frequent case is a welcome bonus of a 100% up to 100 credits upon your initial deposit. Depositing 100 credits will mean you receive the exact same amount of 100 credits from a casino as a bonus. Sometimes you may meet a casino with smaller welcome bonus of 50% or even less. If you do come across a casino that offers more than a 400% welcome bonus, we recommend you proceed with caution. This could be an immediate signal of potential problems for you, as it could just be too good to be true. Also, it is of vital importance with any casino that you pay attention to whether or not your welcome bonus is cashable and what are its wagering requirements. Not paying close attention to these details could be a disaster for you further down the line.


In most cases a welcome bonus that is given to you between 50% and 200% will usually be cashable. This means that at the point of withdrawal the bonus amount can also be withdrawn. The wagering requirements can be anything from 10 to 35 times the sum equal to the deposit plus the bonus amount. For example, your initial deposit is 100$ and you get 100% welcome bonus up to 100 credits with 25 times playthrough of the combined amount. This means that you have to wager at least 25*(100+100)=5000 in order to fulfil your bonus wagering requirements! The wagering requirements of every bonus you accept will vary from casino to casino and you must read the Terms of the bonus before accepting it. Please notice that, if you have already accepted the bonus (no matter what type of bonus) and have placed even a single bet, you already do not have the opportunity to refuse the accepted bonus, nor to initiate a withdrawal of funds, even your own funds, until all wagering requirements are met! This moment is always a little bit delicate and must be very well thought out! On the one hand, the more credits you have in the account, the more bets you can make and the chance to win is bigger. On the other hand, if you decide not to take an advantage of the bonuses offered by the casino, you will have to rely only on your own funds to play with, but in return you will be able to dispose with them as you wish and, what is more important, when you wish! The decision is, of course, entirely up to you and you should go with whatever suits your style of gambling. When the welcome offer is within the frames of 200 to 400%, then usually this means it is not cashable, i.e. it cannot be cashed out. The wagering requirements can be between 10 to 20 times the combined value of the deposit plus the bonus amount. Many players prefer this type of offer, though, the bonus cannot be cashed out, because the funds available for the game seriously swell, and along with that they have chances of higher profits.


Choose your welcome bonuses carefully and be sure to understand all of the Terms of that bonus before entering into it. Remember, once you have accepted the bonus, there is no turning back. Don’t risk your money by not reading up on the Terms and Conditions first!


Match bonuses

Match bonuses, just like the other bonuses we are discussing in this guide, are mainly percentage-based bonuses and they’re mainly there to encourage the casino’s existing players to keep playing and wagering. The most popular match bonus you will come across is the first deposit bonus, which is also known as the welcome bonus, as we have detailed above for you. For example, you could be offered a 100% match bonus when you make your first deposit at a casino. It basically means that the casino will match your deposit with the exact same amount in bonus money. You can then use this money to play your favourite games and try and win as much as possible. They will, of course, be subject to the casino’s standard wagering requirements.


Online casinos may also offer match bonuses to their players during weekly or monthly promotions on subsequent deposits. You may be offered a match bonus as part of a promotion, a high roller bonus, a birthday bonus, a loyalty bonus, a reload bonus, a slots only bonus and many many more. Take full advantage of a match bonus and use them to help you build a big bankroll.


Reload bonuses

Once you have registered at a casino and took advantage of the welcome bonus that we mentioned above, all is not over! Most casinos will now offer you what is called a reload bonus. Some casinos will offer their most loyal players reload bonuses to reward them on a regular basis. The reload bonus is an amount equal to the percentage of the deposit within 20 to 50%  in most of the cases, with terms, close and very often even identical with those of Welcome bonus. Reload bonuses can be offered to you on your subsequent deposits at the casino. They can also come as a monthly feature of the casino. Some casinos may allow you one reload bonus per month, maybe even one per week. It is used by the casino management for the purpose of encouraging their customers to deposit more often and is not a bad offer at all. You get to reload your casino account with yet another bonus on your deposit. For example, if you were to deposit $100 and were offered a reload bonus of 50%, the casino would award you with a further $50 on top of your successful $100 deposit. As with the other bonuses we have talked about in this section, your bonus and deposit would be subject to the casino’s standard wagering requirements. These should be checked in the bonus Terms prior to you accepting the bonus.


Some reload bonuses are given depending on the deposit method you choose to play with. So you may receive a reload bonus, if you use a specific payment method. For this reason we reiterate the fact that you should check all the information regarding the reload bonus before depositing. As with any bonus, you may also be required to deposit a minimum amount in order to qualify for the reload bonus. The minimum amount required can vary from casino to casino.


Reload bonuses are great because if you are going to put money into your casino account anyway, you may as well be rewarded for it. A reload bonus can in the long term provide you with rewards that will certainly outweigh the sign-up bonus many times over and they can be a golden opportunity that you can take advantage of over and over again.


High roller bonuses

Last, but certainly not the least, we will talk to you about high roller bonuses. High roller bonuses are for those players that are seeking high limit betting games. This is a bonus given only to players who like to bet large amounts. Basically, high rollers are people who like to gamble a lot of money. Most casinos actually prefer to receive larger deposits and, in order to encourage this trend, they offer these high roller bonuses. These kinds of bonuses are mostly offered as a percentage of the total deposit amount. In most cases, high roller bonuses will also come with much better conditions compared to all other promotions which include better wagering requirements.


Some high roller bonuses could even include wagering requirements of six figures or more! It is not uncommon for a player who is about to deposit a larger and much more serious amount to negotiate the rates and conditions of the bonus with the casino before they actually receive the bonus. If you are considering making deposits in excess of $2000 – $3000, this is definitely something you should keep in mind. There will not be even a single casino which will let such an ability to pass by and you will be literally bombarded with offers. We advise you to always negotiate with at least 2-3 casinos simultaneously so that you will be absolutely sure you will ultimately get the best possible conditions in exchange for your money! And remember: the customer is always right, especially when they are ready to deposit a four-figure amount! High rollers tend to receive a lot of ‘comp’ points and are often well-fed and nurtured by the casinos, so they keep coming back by offering these bonuses.


There is a golden rule to remember for all of these bonuses and that is to check what games will contribute towards the wagering requirements for your bonus. Some games may also contribute more than others. Be sure to always check this first and try to avoid games that only count 5-10% of the wagering requirement, as the chances are you will not fulfil those requirements or be there forever trying! Please be aware that there may also be a time limit involved in your bonus. The most common time limit is 30 days to meet the set wagering requirements, but other timeframes may also occur. All in all, the bonuses explained in this guide are the most popular you will come across and are ultimately there for your taking.