When you make a deposit at a casino, probably the last thing you expect to see is that you are going to be charged a fee just for making your deposit. Unfortunately, there are casinos out there that will charge you a fee when you make your deposits. Don’t worry, because we have some good news for you, too. Most online casinos, especially the big reputable names in the industry, will not charge you a fee when you make a deposit.


Now, there are a wide range of deposit methods, so deposit fees may well vary on the choice of method you choose to deposit with. To help you out in knowing whether or not a casino will charge you when you make a deposit, you will usually be able to find out this information on the casino website. This can usually be located under “Banking”. However, if you are unable to find it, you can ask the casino’s support. You will also be able to find out this information in the casino’s cashier. You should always be informed by the casino during the deposit process if you are going to be charged a fee for the deposit. Sometimes a casino will not charge you a fee for a deposit, but if it is an international transaction, you may be charged by your bank issuer. You would need to check these charges with your bank, as this has nothing to do with the casino. It would help to just take a few moments to research your casinos and their deposit methods and fees before registering to avoid any hefty surprise fees. The last thing you want is to be losing some of your bankroll before you even play due to these deposit fees.


Most online casinos will not charge you a fee to make a deposit when you use a credit or debit card. However, this may differ depending on which country you are playing from and there are indeed some casinos that may charge you a fee when making a deposit. As we mentioned before, this fee should be made aware to you (if you have not previously checked) in the cashier as you are making your deposit. The typical fee you could be charged for this method of deposit is between 0 – 2.5% of your total deposit. This will usually be taken out of your total deposit amount. You will need to be careful if you are making a deposit to receive a bonus. Check the minimum amount required to receive the bonus and make sure your deposit and its fee cover this total amount. Casinos that do charge a fee for deposit may not charge a fee if your deposit is over a certain amount.


E-wallets are very popular these days amongst gamblers all over the world. The same applies here as with credit and debits cards. Most online casinos will not charge you a fee for making a deposit using this method. You should check with your e-wallet company regarding their fees. You may come across some casinos that will charge you a fee when you deposit with an e-wallet. Whether the money is already in your e-wallet account or you are completing a bank transfer through your e-wallet account, you could be charged a fee of up to about 5%.


The same kind of deposit fees could also apply if you were to make a deposit using a prepaid card or voucher, such as Ukash or Paysafe. Whilst most online casinos now accept these methods without deposit fees, those that do charge fees, could do in the region of 5%.


There may be some countries that can only deposit via methods like Western Union. Unfortunately, choosing this method for some players can become extremely expensive, as some casinos will charge fees for these deposits. Bank wire transfer, especially international transactions, could also relate to all manner of different deposit fees and it is strongly advised to check these fees before depositing.


Don’t forget that most online casinos will not charge you for making your deposit. Do not be disheartened by the fees we have mentioned in this guide. Remember, this only applies for the minority of casinos that will charge them. And, more importantly, keep in mind that every casino is different.