What is the difference between Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses?

The bonuses that you accept at any online casino will usually fall into two separate categories; you could either accept a bonus that is referred to as a ‘no deposit bonus’ or, alternatively, you could accept a bonus that is referred to as a ‘deposit bonus’.


These two bonuses have some differences between them, which can vary depending on which casino you are playing in. Still, the main difference and the most important one which you should know is that a no deposit bonus does not require you to make a deposit. If you are offered a no deposit bonus this means that the casino is going to place a bonus of a certain amount into your casino account which you are not required to make a deposit for. On the complete flip side of this, if a casino offers you a deposit bonus this means you must first make a deposit in order to receive the bonus that the casino is offering you. So, if the casino offers you a percentage bonus, you must make your deposit and you will receive the bonus on top of your original deposit amount.


The no deposit bonus is the simplest out of the two bonuses. Usually, all you need to do to receive this bonus is to register an account with the casino offering the bonus and then the bonus will be automatically credited into your account. Sometimes you will have to contact the casino’s support in order for it to be credited.


The deposit bonus obviously works in a different way to this. Once you have registered at an online casino, you will usually be able to play with some kind of deposit bonus. The casino will only ever award this bonus to you on submission of a qualifying deposit.


Let’s give you an example to show you where exactly the main difference lies between these two bonuses. Let’s say you sign up to a casino that offers you a $10 no deposit bonus. Once you have registered your account, that $10 will be credited to the bonus balance of your casino account. You will be free to start playing with this bonus straight away. However, if you were to sign up to a different casino that only offered a deposit bonus of 100%, you would first be required to sign up. Secondly, you would need to make a qualifying deposit, let’s say for $10. Once you have made that deposit, the casino will then give you an additional $10 bonus money on top of your original deposit. You will then have a total balance of $20 to start playing with. So, you can now see that the main difference between these two bonuses is that for one you have to make a deposit, while you don’t have to for the no deposit bonus.


Do not be fooled, this is not the only difference between these two bonuses. In fact, there are quite a few more, which we will explain now for you. First and foremost, you should always make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of any bonus before you accept it. Being clear on the Terms of the bonus could just be the key to your success and knowing your facts about both of these bonuses before you play with them is important.


Another difference that is often associated with these two bonuses are the wagering requirements that are attached to them. No deposit bonuses are usually associated with much higher wagering requirements than your average deposit bonus. This may even be the case for the more reputable casinos. At the end of the day, a no deposit bonus is completely free, so the casinos have to have a way in which to monitor to these. One of these ways is by increasing the wagering requirements. If you are playing with a no deposit bonus, you should expect to see the wagering requirements in the region of fifty times and above, with some casinos even requiring you to play through the bonus up to one hundred times. However, if you are playing with a deposit bonus, you should see a considerable decrease in the amount of times you have to play through your bonus. This could be as little as thirty times. This is why it is important to read the Terms of both of these bonuses before you play with them.


Okay, so now on to another difference between these bonuses and that is the maximum amount that you can withdraw. A maximum cash-out is usually associated with all no deposit bonuses. Whilst some casinos may apply a maximum cash-out to a deposit bonus, the more reputable casinos will not restrict the amount you can withdraw from a deposit bonus. By placing a cap on the amount you can withdraw with a no deposit bonus it is another way of the casinos monitoring these bonuses. When you play with a no deposit bonus you will usually find that once you have completed the casinos standard wagering requirements you will be restricted to withdraw anything up to about $200. This will vary from casino to casino and the exact amount will be detailed in the bonus terms at the casino. So, if you manage to scoop a jackpot whilst playing with a no deposit bonus, do not be disappointed when you cannot withdraw the full amount. However, if you manage to scoop that jackpot when playing with a deposit bonus you should look forward to being able to withdraw the full amount once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements.


When you are playing with a no deposit bonus, you should first check that you can play all of the casinos games. With some no deposit bonuses you may be restricted from playing certain games, especially progressive jackpot games. Whereas if you were playing with a deposit bonus, there would probably be no restrictions as to what games you can play. Let’s say, for example, you were to receive some Free Spins no deposit required on a NetEnt game. The winnings may only be allowed to be used on Net Entertainment games. So, if the casino had other software games like Microgaming, your no deposit winnings could only be wagered and played on NetEnt slots. However, if you were to make a deposit and accept the associated deposit bonus, you would more than likely be able to play all of the games regardless of the software with your deposit bonus.


There may also be some differences in the timescales you have to complete your wagering with these two bonuses. With a deposit bonus, you may find that you have a lot longer to play with the bonus than you would with a no deposit bonus. You may be restricted to under seven days to play through the total requirement with a no deposit bonus, while this may be considerably more with a deposit bonus. Next, we should just mention the amount that you have to play with. Usually, no deposit bonuses can be anything between 10 to 30 credits, whereas a deposit bonus will entirely depend on how much you deposit.


Each casino will have their own Terms for both their no deposit bonuses and their deposit bonuses. Never assume that any two casinos will have the same Terms and always check before you play with your chosen bonus.


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