Whenever and whichever online casino you choose to play in, you will always be able to view your game logs and statistics. There are many different reasons a player may choose to check their game logs and it is a very useful tool to have at your fingertips. Every casino is different and each one will label the game logs differently. You might see this labelled as ‘Game Logs’, ‘Transaction History’, ‘Play History’, ‘Casino History’ or ‘Play Check’. Regardless of how the casino chooses to call it, you will have the convenience of this service in your casino account. What this means is you do not need to worry about having to contact live chat or even email the casino to find out this information. There are only two requirements in order to be able to view your game logs and these are you must be logged in to your casino account and it must be real money play. You will not be able to view any game logs for free play.


How far back you will be able to view your game logs will depend on the casino you’re playing in. This can vary anything between one month up to three or even six months. It is really important for you to have a full access to a complete log of your gameplay at any casino, as it allows you to be able to monitor and check each and every spin you make at that casino. It is a tool that will build your confidence in your game and also the online casino in which you are playing at.


Accessing your game logs is really simple and with the simple click of a button you will be able to access not only a complete list of your game logs, but a detailed web based statement. This statement will provide you with a summary of every aspect of your gambling activities. You should be able to see the exact game you were playing along with the date and time of every single spin. It will also detail the amount you bet and, if you won, it should also show you this too. It’s not only slots that you can view information about. Any game where you have placed a real money bet on will show up in your game logs. This detailed history will also show you any bonuses you may have received from the casino. Microgaming’s PlayCheck facility will even let you see the position of the reel symbols from each spin of your favourite slot machine. This is a fantastic and inventive feature, because it allows you to be able to rely on PlayCheck to perform an audit check how your cards fell, which roulette numbers appeared or how the dice rolled. If you are a fan of table games or slots, viewing your game history can help you to analyse your play and thus improve your skills as a player. You can study the information according to date or game.


When you view your game history, you should also be able to see a session transaction number. If you ever have any discrepancies with a spin, or a hand dealt this is another great feature because you can obtain the session number and inform the casino of the exact bet you are referring to. This will speed up the process of getting whatever the problem is resolved. You may also be required to quote the exact date and time of the bet which you will be able to retrieve from your game logs.


Some casinos will also allow you to track your statistics, which can be very helpful for those players who wish to use the facility. Your statistics will tell you information, like exactly how many spins you have made on a certain game and your wins or losses. If you are a player who likes to track of which games you play and how you spend on each game, then this is a perfect piece of technology for you to use. You will be able to analyse exactly whether or not a game performs well for you.


Whether or not you are just a casual player or one who likes to track of their gameplay, both of these features are available to you use at most casinos and can come in very handy.