I gave wrong details, now what

First and foremost, whenever you register at an online casino, it is important to invest a few moments of your time in filling in the correct details. However, whilst filling in your name, date of birth and address can come as second nature, it is easy to make a mistake. Before you click the register button, it would be a good idea to double check that the details you have entered are correct. This will avoid any future disappointment. If you give wrong details, like your name, address and date of birth, this will definitely affect the verification process. Giving your correct contact details, like your phone numbers and email address, are also important. Take extra care when you are inputting your email address. This needs to be typed exactly as your email address appears. The likelihood is that, once you have registered, the casino will send you an activation email. You will need to access this email to click the link in order for your casino account to become active for you to play.


If you have entered the wrong details, you will not receive this email. You will need to contact support straight away. Do not attempt to register another new account with the same details, as this could result in you having multiple accounts at that casino and could later be blocked. It may be that you do not have to click a link to activate your account, but if you realise that you have given the wrong email address, you will need to update this as soon as possible. If you attempt to make a withdrawal at any point, you will need to send in your verification documents via email. You will definitely be contacted via email regarding that withdrawal. So, it is important the casino has the correct details here. If you participate in competitions at the casino, they may contact you to tell you you have won by telephone, so get these details right first time.


Having the right details in your account is vital for your successfully making a withdrawal. If you have given the wrong address at time of registration, you need to change this as soon as possible. The address on your casino account needs to exactly copy the address that appears on your verification documents. Any discrepancies here will delay your withdrawals. Never risk losing your money and always keep your details up to date. The same applies here for your name and address.


When it comes to your financial details, it is very important that the correct details are given again. If you are trying to deposit and you give the wrong details of your credit card, for example, the payment will be declined and you will need to re-enter your details. However, if for example you are withdrawing to your bank account, you will need to give the casino certain details. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • your account number,
  • sort code,
  • IBAN number
  • and BIC number.


Depending on the jurisdiction you live in will depend on the details you need to give. It is vitally important that you provide accurate information here. If you give the wrong details, you are in danger of not receiving your money. If you realize that you have given the wrong details, you need to inform the casino’s support as soon as possible, so that withdrawal can be stopped. If you don’t, it will almost certainly delay you getting your money.


Back to making deposits now. You may have a deposit declined at a casino because you have given wrong details. For example, a deposit could be declined, if your billing information does not match your credit card information that you entered on the casino’s banking page. So, if you have entered a different postcode/zip code, or if your residential address is different to the billing address your deposit is likely to be declined. You will need to update these details so they are the same in order to proceed with your purchase.


If a casino finds out you have intentionally provided wrong details in order to play, they have the legal right to terminate your account. If you have given the wrong details, you do need to update them or make the casino aware as soon as possible to avoid any hassle in the future. And remember, if after registering you realise you have provided wrong details, do not attempt to open another account. Inform the casino’s support first who will be to advise you of the next steps to take. However, even though it’s the registration process where you have to give your main details, you may be required to provide other details during your time at that casino at any point. Getting these details right whenever the situation arises is important. Just to reiterate everything we have talked about here: if you have given wrong details, contact the casino’s support immediately to try to clear up any inaccuracies.