How to see the difference between a good and a bad casino when it comes to its support?

Customer support is a very important part of any player’s casino experience. While there may be times when in fact your game sessions require no assistance whatsoever from customer support, there may be other times where your gameplay absolutely relies on it! Knowing what customer support options are available to you before you play is important, and it is also vital to differentiate between good and bad online casinos when it comes to support.


In case you have not yet had time to check out our other guides, there are three main customer support options which are live chat, email support and phone support. The most efficient and quickest way of you receiving help or just an answer to your question is via live chat. Most online casinos today have live chat as a support option. However, not all do, but this does not necessarily mean that the casino is a bad casino. Each gambler is different and you should weigh up your odds when it comes to the casino and the support before you play. If the casino you want to play in does not offer live chat then you should check their other support options to make sure there is one that you feel comfortable using.


A good online casino should be able to offer their players a number of different support options and not just one. This way they can cater to all kinds of gamblers. A good casino may offer live chat, email and phone support. However, in terms of support, a bad casino is one that may only offer one support option with a slow response rate. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than being head to head with a major problem involving your money and not being able to resolve it quickly, or quite possible at all without communication with the casino’s support team.


If a casino offers live chat, they will either provide the facility to their players 24/7 or they will have certain opening hours. Sometimes opening hours can be tricky, if there is a time difference in your country, so being able to then contact support via a different method and still be able to get a quick response is a sign of a good casino. Just because an online casino provides live chat, this does not mean that it is necessarily a ‘good’ casino. It will not harm you to first test out the support that is offered before you play. Ask them some questions and be sure you can speak to them without a language barrier and on the same level. After all, what use is live chat to you if they do not speak the same language or there is simply poor communication? Use your better judgement to decide whether or not the support being offered meets your standards.


As we mentioned, it is important that the casino is able to offer numerous support options. So when it comes to evaluating the email support, you can check to see what timeframes are in place in terms of replies. You can ask yourself if it is good customer practise to have to wait up to 4 days for a response, when in fact some online casinos are able to provide the same support option and give a reply within four hours. Again, you can test out this support method before you play and email them a question to see how long it takes for you to receive a reply, and to what standard your reply is met.


If a casino only offers phone support, you need to proceed with caution. Things you need to consider here are international call charges, opening hours and language barriers.


To sum up, always remember that you may need to contact support at any time, so getting this just right could even be the key to your success. Take a few moments to check out the support at each and every online casino you play in. Once you’re confident that you can communicate with the casino to a standard that meets your need, you can then go ahead and make your deposit without the worry that if any problems arrive you come to a dead end in terms of support.


With a bit of luck you will have a fun and worthwhile gambling experience without the need of even having to contact support, unless it is to verify your identity for a withdrawal.