You will always have to complete wagering requirements when you play with any bonus at your chosen casino. These wagering requirements are usually in excess of a couple of hundred pounds, even thousands of pounds. How much you have to wager will be entirely based on the amount you deposit and the amount of bonus money you receive from the casino. Some casinos will place wagering requirements on both your deposit and bonus, whereas others will apply it purely on your bonus amount. As every casino is different and has their own wagering amounts, you will find that your wagering requirements will vary from casino to casino.


Tracking your wagering requirements manually would be verging on the edge of impossible. This would mean you would have to keep a record of every single bet you make and then adding these together to get your total amount. Luckily for you, there are a lot easier ways of tracking your wagering requirements.


While each casino will be different when it comes to tracking your wagering requirements, probably the easiest way is to play at casinos that allow you to check your wagering directly from your account. Fortunately, there are casinos that offer this service, which makes your life a lot easier. You can effortlessly track how much wagering you have done whenever you want by accessing your account information and bonuses. There you will see how much you have wagered. The great thing is the casinos that do offer this service also update it to every spin you have, so usually there will be no delay. However, this is again dependent on the actual casino itself. Once you have accessed your bonus information, the casino will tell you how much you have wagered or they may tell you how much you have left. It could also be presented as a progress bar or as a percentage. Whichever way it is presented by the casino, it really is a fantastic tool for players to take advantage of. You can check this as much as you want or as little as you want. You will be able to know exactly when you have fulfilled the wagering requirements and when you can then make a withdrawal.


Although this really is a great feature, unfortunately, as we mentioned, not all casinos offer this service. The next best thing to this to track your wagering requirements is through the casino’s live chat service. Obviously provided that the casino offers a live chat facility. If it is a vital requirement for you that you can track your wagering requirements, you should make sure before depositing that either the casino offers a tracker for wagering or they have a live chat service. Providing the casino has live chat, you will be able to ask them whenever you wish how much you have wagered. They will be able to tell you this and how much you have left to go.


If the casino does not allow you to check your wagering through your account and they do not offer a live chat facility, checking your wagering requirements can be trickier and a lot more time consuming. The next stop would involve you emailing the casino’s support team to ask them. Also, the timeframes in which you will get a reply can vary from casino to casino.


If you want to keep a track of your wagering requirements on a regular basis, it really would pay off for you to do your research of online casinos before you make your deposits to see whether or not they offer the services we have mentioned in this guide. As long as the casino has live chat, regardless of whether or not you can check your own wagering requirements, you should always be able to track how much you wagered through the chat team.