A very important aspect of any online casino is their customer service and live chat is by far the most convenient and efficient method of contacting the casino’s support team. Unfortunately, you will come across some casinos that do not have a live chat facility. However, the good news is there are a lot of casinos that do have the facility. Certainly a lot of the more reputable casinos offer this service, and their live chat can say a lot for the casino. In fact, having a live chat facility could be your key to success.

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To start off, let’s just explain exactly what live chat is. Live chat is a facility you can use to be able to speak to a real live person, should you have any questions that you need to ask that are related to your gambling experience with that casino. You will be able to ask the casino representative any question you like in order to get an answer in real time. This is obviously a major advantage of using live chat, as it means that you will more than likely be able to get the answers to your questions straight away without the hassle of having to wait, which would be the case if you had to email customer support.

Some online casinos will offer their players the use of their live chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This means it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you are playing, a real person will be available to answer your questions on live chat whenever you should need them. Unfortunately, not all online casinos provide their live chat facility 24/7. In this case the casino will state the opening hours and days that you will be able to use the facility.

Also, if the live chat facility is not 24/7, you will know when you click the live chat button, as it will usually say ‘of­fli­ne’. When live chat is offline, most online casinos will provide the option for you to send an offline message to the customer support team and they will then respond to you via email. The casino may also specify a timeframe in which you can expect to receive a reply. Using live chat is very easy; all you have to do is click the live chat button on the website and a separate pop up box will open, which is where the chat will take place. You should be required to enter some information before the chat begins. This can differ depending on which casino you are playing in, but could involve your name or user name, account number, email address and a short description of your enquiry. Some online casinos may only require one of these pieces of information, whilst others may require two or more.

Once you have got through to a live chat agent, you will be able to explain in detail what your enquiry is. A good live chat service should involve some security questions being asked to make sure that you are the account holder. However, not all online will carry out this precaution. When speaking to a live chat agent, it is of extreme importance that you speak to them with respect and in a kind manner. If you are contacting them because you have had a problem, it is understandable that you are frustrated. However, contacting live chat with attitude is really not going to help the problem, but infuriate it even more. Remember that the live chat agents are there to help you. Remain calm, and firstly try to explain your problem, providing as much information as you can. Try to work it out with the casino representative and, if you think that the conversation is simply not going anywhere, you can request to speak to a customer service manager. If there is one available at the time, the live chat agent should be able to pass the chat over to them.

Most online casinos will offer their live chat in English, while some will also have multi-lingual support agents, which you may have to ask for. Other facilities that are often offered within the live chat service is the ability to send over a screenshot of your documents, directly through the live chat dialog box. This is a great tool, as you can send your screenshot and know immediately that it has arrived safely at the casino. Most live chats will also allow you to send a copy of the transcript, which is your conversation, to your email address. It is always advisable to do this, regardless of the matter of your conversation, so you always have a record of that conversation. You can then refer back to this, should you run into problems with the casino. You can also ask the live chat agent to keep a record of the conversation on their end. Sometimes you can also share your views on how the customer support agent handled your query by rating them.

Live chat definitely has its advantages. It is very easy to use, quick and convenient. If you have a problem you want to resolve as soon as you can, live chat is definitely the place where you can go to try and work things out. It is definitely worthwhile investing your time in checking out the casino’s support options before you play. You can even try out live chat before you even register to test the waters before you play.



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