The creation of online casinos happened around twenty years ago which saw success straight away and, as technology progressed further, live casinos and live games started to appear through the mainstream online casinos. Players started to have the chance to play their favourite table games via live streaming. The industry first saw an appearance of live roulette and live blackjack and they were fresh and exciting, as some players liked the thought of being able to play casino games with live dealers any time of day or night, but from the comfort of their own homes.


The very first live casino that appeared had only one live dealer available, along with just one table and the live games were available just for a few hours per day. However, with the popularity of these games increasing you can now see live games offered at a large number of online casinos with a large number of tables, different stakes along with a selection of different live dealers to choose from. Nowadays live games are often provided throughout different intervals of the day and night with some online casinos offering games like Live Auto Roulette, meaning the live casino action can go on 24/7!


Regardless of which online casino you play in, when you play the live games offered, you will always be able to see a real human person dealing the cards and spinning the roulette wheel for you in real time, which can be seen via a live streaming video link. This feature will appeal to some players, while it may not for others. The feature is supposed to give the player peace of mind that the online games are fair and honest. However, you should not expect to see live games being offered in all online casinos. Hosting a live dealer for a game is expensive and this is why you may not see them at every casino.


When it comes to the live games that are offered, there is not always a fantastic variety of choice. However, the most popular live games tend to be live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat. Other games can also include Live Casino Hold’em and Live Sic Bo, as well as others. The games offered will vary depending on each individual casino.


Live Blackjack

Usually if an online casino supports live games, at least one of their games will be live blackjack, which could also come in different variations like European and Asian Live Blackjack, the only difference being the dealer and where the studio is based. The casino may offer these games throughout the day or at certain times and there will normally be plenty of tables to choose from. However, during peak periods which is usually the evenings, you may have to wait for a table. You should be able to pick which table you want to play at depending on your betting limits. Some casinos will offer low limit tables, as well as high limit tables. The game itself works in the exact same way, the only difference being there is a live dealer dealing the cards as opposed to a machine.


Live roulette

Live roulette is another popular form of live games that can come in different variations depending on the casino. The most popular variation is European Roulette, but other variations include French Roulette and American Roulette. Players who enjoy the game can take advantage of live roulette, as it is a casino game that always has tables available to play, so you should never have to wait for a table which is common in a lot of live card games.


Live Baccarat

Some online casinos will offer their players the standard Punto Banco Baccarat version, whereas other casinos could also offer the very popular Asian version of the game. Live baccarat is often considered a high roller’s game and is very popular, but you will be able to select a table that best suits your betting limits before playing. There will usually be multiple tables to choose from, as well as VIP tables in some online casinos. This game can also be played in both single and or multi-player modes at some casinos.


Live Hold’em

If you are a fan of poker games, then you may like to try out Live Hold’em, which is also offered at some online casinos. The game remains exactly the same, but you also have the excitement of playing with a live dealer in front of your screen which you have to beat. The downside of this game is that there is often only one table offered.


More about live games

There are certainly some perks that could come with live games and it purely depends on each player’s individual preferences. If you want to try live games for the first time, live blackjack could be a great place to start as most casinos will allow you to choose between tables with different betting limits. There are also some online casinos that will allow you to alter the camera angle, as well as other settings to really suit your personal preference so that you’d feel the most comfortable with your game. After all, it is your hard earned money that you are betting!


You may also be able to choose between a normal view and a 3D view and can also choose to have the chat box open or closed, depending on whether or not you want to interact with the live dealer. If you are a bonus hunter, some online casinos also offer different deposit bonuses for the live games, whereas others do not. It would be worthwhile doing your research first to find a casino that matches what you are looking for before registering. And, as with any other games at the casino, you should always read and understand the Terms and Conditions of play before you register.


There may also be some disadvantages of live games. One for example could be that live casino games are often slow. Players on the same table as you may not be playing as fast as you, so this can sometimes slow your game down, which is typically the case for the live card games. Another disadvantage could be that the tables are full and you have to wait for a place. However, this is never the case for live roulette as this game accepts an unlimited amount of player­s.


As with any game at the casino, you will always have your pros and cons. However, playing live casino games can certainly bring some excitement to your gameplay.