When you sign up to an online casino, you may be offered the chance to take advantage of what is called a ‘no deposit bonus’. In fact, this kind of bonus could be awarded to you at any time during your casino stay. Most casinos will offer new players a no deposit bonus as part of a strategy to get you to sign up to their casino. Now, there are four different kinds of no deposit bonuses that we will discuss in this guide, including Free Spins bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free play bonuses and cashback bonuses. Let’s start with no deposit bonuses.


No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus means exactly how it sounds. You will get a bonus off the casino that simply requires no deposit from you. This is a great opportunity to try the online casino in a real environment, without being forced to spend any of your money and is a great incentive to try out the casino. Once you have registered or accepted the no deposit bonus, the casino will place the sum of money into your casino account, so you can start playing the games with real money. Also, don’t forget you do not have to deposit to receive this bonus. No deposit bonuses are a great way of building up your bankroll without even a single deposit. Typically the amount of a no deposit bonus will range from 5 to 50 credits, which is a small amount compared to other bonuses the casino may offer.


As with any bonus you receive from a casino, you will usually always have to complete standard wagering requirements in order to be able to withdraw any of your winnings. These wagering requirements are there because essentially you are getting something for nothing. If you are able to fulfil the wagering requirements set by the casino, you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Usually, with no deposit bonuses most online casinos will set the wagering requirements higher than their standard deposit bonuses. Still, this is different for every casino and every software provider. You may find yourself facing wagering requirements between 50 to 100 times the total bonus amount. One thing is certain; when you accept a no deposit bonus, you should carefully read the Terms of that bonus before playing, especially as some casinos may restrict you from playing certain games, including progressive jackpot games. There will almost always be restrictions in place for the amount of money you can withdraw from your no deposit bonus and there will be a maximum cashout involved with the bonus. What this means is you can win as much as you can from the actual bonus but once you have completed the wagering requirements set by the casino, you will only be able to withdraw up to a certain amount.


This kind of information will be found in the Terms and Conditions of the no deposit bonus. It is advisable to read these before playing to avoid any future disappointment. Just imagine you were to win thousands from your no deposit bonus, only to find later on that you can only withdraw $100! Read the Terms and this will not come as a shock to you later on. If you are accepting a no deposit bonus by signing up as a new customer, you may be required to make a deposit in order to make a withdrawal. Don’t let this confuse you. This deposit is to verify your identity, along with your documents and will usually be given back to you on top of your winnings that you have withdrawn from the no deposit bonus.


There are a few different kinds of no deposit bonuses that could be offered to you. Generally, casinos offer two different kinds of no deposit bonuses, which come in the form of a cashable bonus and a non-cashable bonus. There are two big differences between these bonuses. A cashable bonus means that you are allowed to keep the amount of the no deposit bonus that was given to you on top of any of your winnings at the point of withdrawal. Let’s take for example a $20 no deposit bonus. If you were awarded this bonus and met the wagering requirements attached to it along with $100 in winnings, you would be allowed to withdraw the full $120. This is providing you have not exceeded the maximum cashout.


A non-cashable bonus is the total opposite of this. A non-cashable bonus is not redeemable and at the point of withdrawal. The total no deposit bonus you received will be deducted from your winnings. Let’s use the same example as above to give you a clear picture of how this works. So, you receive a $20 no deposit bonus. You have met the wagering requirements, along with $100 in winnings. You withdraw $120, but the casino will remove the $20 no deposit bonus you originally received and will process your withdrawal at $100. If you do exceed the maximum cashout, the casino will forfeit any winnings above that amount. So, in this instant, if there was a maximum cashout of $50, the casino would forfeit the remaining $50 winnings and would process the withdrawal as $50. Like we mentioned above, it is imperative that you read the Terms and Conditions associated with each bonus you receive.


Free Spins bonuses

Now we will move on to Free Spins bonuses, which are fast becoming extremely popular with online gamblers. More and more casinos are now offering these kinds bonuses to their players. This again could be at point of registration or any any time during your casino stay and will be given as a no deposit bonus. You can receive Free Spins bonuses with or without having to make a deposit. But for the purpose of this guide we will just discuss those in which no deposit at all is required.


There is a lot of tough competition in the gambling industry, which is why these kinds of no deposit bonuses are becoming so popular. A casino will do anything they can in order to attract new players, which is actually great news for gamblers, because it just means you get to take advantage of such offers like Free Spins. Most casinos will advertise a certain number of Free Spins, which is usually to use on certain video slots in their casino. This can be between 10 and 15, but these days it could even be more. There is no designated amount and each casino is different, so expect to see all different kinds of amounts offered in this bonus. The Free Spins will usually be activated upon sign up and will not require you to make a deposit. Sometimes you may need to enter a bonus code when you register in order to get the Free Spins. The Free Spins will allow you to play for free on the chosen video slot without you having to risk your own money. Sometimes the Free Spins will be offered for one of the casinos newest slots. You may also find, once you have registered at a casino and made a deposit or two, that casino will offer you a small amount of Free Spins on their new slots, as they are released without having to make another deposit. Once you have completed the designated amount of Free Spins, any winnings will be converted straight into bonus money and added to your account. As with any other bonus, they too will come with a wagering requirement. This must be fulfilled before you can request a withdrawal. However, there are some casinos that may offer a low amount of Free Spins that do not come with any wagering requirements at all. This is great news for gamblers because it means you can try out the slots for free and you are guaranteed to keep your winnings.


In most of the cases, the Free Spins are given as an additional bonus to the welcome one or any other, but unfortunately are set to be played at the minimal possible bet and the chance to hit something big is limited! Most casinos will allow you to play with all paylines active. However, in some case there may be a restriction to the amount of paylines that are active. Unfortunately, this is out of your control and the best advice here is to just enjoy the Free Spins, as after all they are free!


Free play bonus

The next bonus we will talk about is a free play bonus. This kind of bonus is mostly offered to players when they first sign up to a casino. Usually this type of bonus is given to a player as an amount between 500 – 1500 credits. The player has these credits at their disposal for a limited amount of time only. Usually this is between 30 and 60 minutes. The one and only aim of the bonus is to win as much as possible while you can. You should try and move quickly and place as many bets as you can before your time is up. Once the time limit is over, you will be allowed to keep a certain amount of potential winnings. Each casino will have different amounts they will allow you to keep, but usually this is between 100 and 200 credits. Say, for example, you manage to win 3000 credits. By the end of your time limit you will be able to keep 200 credits of these and the rest will be forfeited. You will get to keep these potential winnings in return of a small deposit into your casino account. If you do come off a little worse and your balance actually goes south, you weren’t playing with your own money to begin with. You can still go on to make a deposit at the casino without a bonus.

If you think that this free play bonus is for you and the conditions suit you, then you can make your deposit and collect your winnings from the free game account. This then has the status of ‘bonus’ and is of course subject to certain conditions and wagering requirements, similar to those of the welcome bonus.


This is a terrific opportunity to start a casino adventure, because you only have to deposit roughly between 20 and 40 credits to receive, in essence a 400 – 500% match bonus. It is also a perfect way to test an online casino and to make sure you would be happy spending your money there.


Cashback bonus

The final no deposit bonus we will talk about are cashback bonuses. Now, these work slightly different to the others that we have mentioned. Cashback is earned at most casinos by you playing the games at that casino. There may be certain days that a casino opens up a cashback promotion on your losses. This may be a certain day every week or maybe just a one off promotion. Some casinos will restrict cashback on your losses to certain games, while others will reward you cashback on your losses on a certain day of the week depending on your losses in the previous week. Either way, you have to first play at the casino and then you will be rewarded with the cashback without making a further deposit.


Cashback is usually awarded up to a certain amount and will only count on any losses that you have made at the casino. Cashback could be awarded up to about 10% of your losses from the previous week. What is great about cashback is, if you are still wounded by the suffered disappointments of your game losses, the casino will pick you back up when they place a cash amount into your account. Sometimes this cashback is awarded to you with no wagering requirements. Your cashback will be awarded to you with no deposit required and you will be able to get right back into the game!


Whichever no deposit bonus you decide to take, remember to always read the Terms and Conditions of the bonus and to enjoy it. After all, they are free!