Discover The Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

There are many different types of online casino bonuses available at the best casinos.

Site icon First Deposit Bonus

Every online casino offers a bonus to players when they make their first deposit. These bonuses range from 25% to 125% of the amount you deposit into your account. Set up your account, make your deposit, and enter the bonus code, which is usually available through an affiliate of the online gambling site. You’ll need to meet the playthrough requirement before you receive that bonus. Bonus amounts may be given out in increments of $5.00 to $20.00 as you reach play through milestones.


Site icon No Deposit Bonus

Sometimes you won’t even have to make a deposit in order to get a bonus. Some online casinos allow you to receive free spins or even cash just for creating an account, with no deposit required. Often, these come in conjunction with a first deposit bonus.

Site icon Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is awarded when you make another deposit into your account. Reloads tend to be less generous than first deposit offers, ranging from 25% to 75%. The same type of play through requirements that govern initial deposit rewards are applied to reloads.

Site icon Cash Back

Many online slots sites will offer players cash back. Usually, the amount is a percentage of your month’s losses. There are usually no playthrough requirements for this type of promotion.

Site icon Game Bonus

Sometimes a promotion will be tied to a specific game. It could be cash back on a certain slot, or a reload bonus that can only be cleared at a particular set of games.

Site icon Free Spins

Often bundled together as part of another bonus package, some online casinos will offer free spins at certain slots. Usually, these award prizes as if you were playing a small wager.

Playthrough Requirements Explained

Unfortunately, you can’t get something for nothing – playthrough requirements apply to almost all online casino bonuses.

This means that in order to withdraw or clear your online casino bonus, you need to wager a certain amount.

For example:

  1. You sign up to an online casino and deposit $100 with a 150% deposit bonus.
  2. A €150 bonus is applied to your account, and you receive €10 of it for every €25 you wager.
  3. That means you must wager €375 in order to withdraw your bonus and winnings.

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The Importance of Online Slots Bonuses

Because online slots can be quite volatile, it’s a really smart idea to hedge your bets by playing with a bonus.

In fact, certain slots coupled with certain bonuses may mean that you can play slots and be profitable! For example, an online slot that has a Return to Player percentage of 95% (i.e. returns €9.50 for every $10 wagered) coupled with a bonus that clears at 10% will give you a Return to Player of 105% – in other words, you’re beating the house!

Are Online Bonuses Better Than Live Bonuses?

In the live casino world, companies have to pay for food, drink, new tables, entertainment, and many other things to convince players to play there.

In online casinos, there are no such expenses. That means that there is more money to create bonuses and that bonuses are a much better way to incentivise players to play there.

The result is that online casino bonuses are much better than live casinos.

How to Find The Best Casino Bonus

All the best online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses and it can be puzzling to decide on the best one.

Many sites have numerous promotions for extra cash running simultaneously.

The best thing to do is to see which bonus you think will benefit you most – do you have time to complete it? Is it for a game that you enjoy?

Once you have decided that, you can formulate a plan to play at several casinos and claim successive bonuses with your ever-growing bankroll. There’s no shame in regularly changing casino to take advantage of new offers!