As well as your welcome bonuses, your reload bonuses, your match bonuses, loyalty bonuses, Free Spinsfree play bonuses and high roller bonuses, there are also a few other bonuses that you can claim. In this guide we will discuss a refer-a-friend bonus, a birthday bonus and a payment method bonus.


Refer-a-friend bonus

Most casinos will offer their players some kind of refer-a-friend bonus. Basically, if you were to refer one of your friends to the casino, the casino would reward you with a bonus. Take this as a way of saying thank you from the casino. Now, a refer-a-friend bonus can vary greatly from casino to casino. Some casinos will offer different incentives for your friend joining, but usually it will be a bonus that is added to your account, which will come with certain restrictions. A refer-a-friend bonus is a way for the casino to increase their user base, while being loyal to their existing players. What that means for you as a player is you get to claim an extra bonus.


As we mentioned, these kind of bonuses do differentiate from casino to casino and they often work in very different ways. Details of how each bonus will work can be found on the casino’s website and you should read up on the Terms of the bonus first.


However, it should be said that the basics of it are actually the same. You have to recommend a friend to the casino and they must not only sign up, but also continue to make their first cash deposit. It is important for you to read the Terms of the refer-a-friend bonus before you refer your friend because usually there will be a minimum deposit that your friend has to make for the referral to be successful. The last thing you want is for your friend to make a deposit that does not meet the minimum requirement, because you will not receive your bonus. In order to claim the reward, your friend will usually have to list your name or screen name when they sign up, or contact the casino’s support with these details before depositing. But more often than not there will be a drop-down box during the registration process, which will say something like: “How did you hear about the site?”. Here there will be an option for your friend to select ‘Refer-a-Friend’. Here is where the precise details of the bonus can change. These include details like the amount of bonus you receive, the recipient of the reward, the wagering requirements and the number of friends you can refer. Some casinos will reward both parties a bonus, while other casinos may only reward the original member for the referral.


This is a great bonus if you have friends that share the same interests as yourself because you can refer each other to many different online casinos and earn yourselves some great bonuses. However, if you do not have friends that share your gambling interests you will probably never use this type of bonus.


Birthday bonus

A birthday bonus is exactly what it seems – a bonus you get on your birthday! This kind of bonus also differs from casino to casino. And it is also important to point out that not all casinos will give you a birthday bonus. They can come in all different forms, which can include, but are not limited to, free spins, no deposit bonuses and coupon codes and extra deposit bonuses. Also, some casinos may not even promote birthday bonuses and may just surprise you with a cash drop in to your casino account when the big day arrives. Usually, to be eligible for a birthday bonus you must have previously made a cash deposit at the casino.


Either way, if you do receive a birthday bonus, it is a great incentive to keep playing at the casino and a nice surprise. Usually, the casino will email you to let you know you have received a birthday bonus and they will give you details of how your birthday bonus works. There may be certain restrictions on what games can be played with your bonus, as well as wagering requirements and a maximum cashout.


Free birthday bonuses are great because obviously you do not have to make a deposit. So, if you receive Free Spins or a straight no deposit bonus, you can just go ahead and try your luck. However, some casinos will just wish you Happy Birthday by giving you a special reload bonus. So, if you make a qualifying deposit, usually using a special promotional code you will receive an x amount on top of your deposit. These kind of bonuses will be sent to you via email with the instructions on how to claim them.


So, when your birthday comes around, be sure to check your emails and look out for these bonuses. If you want to receive these bonuses, when you register make sure you tick the box to sign up to receive emails and offers. It is also worth mentioning that could always contact the casino’s customer support on your birthday and ask them if they have any special offers for you.


Payment method bonuses

Finally, we will discuss a bonus that you can sometimes claim when making a deposit via a certain payment method. Not all casinos offer these kind of bonuses and they may only come round once in a while, but it’s certainly something to look out for if you are a bonus hunter.


More often than not, if the casino offers a bonus for depositing via a certain method, it will be for deposits made via an e-wallet account. If you deposit by the casinos selected method, they can reward you with a deposit bonus, which can be anything up to 25% extra. As with any other bonus it will come with wagering requirements, which you should read and feel comfortable with before making your deposit.