My country is missing from the list, what does a ‘restricted country’ mean?

When you are looking for an online casino to play in, there are many factors that could prevent you from playing there. One of these factors includes the country in which you are playing. This could mean that you are simply not allowed to sign up, because your country is restricted from playing at that casino. A restricted country basically means that, if you reside in one of those countries, you are restricted from registering and placing any real money bets at that casino. Something to keep your eye out for is whether or not your country is restricted from receiving a bonus at any given casino. Your country may not appear as a ‘restricted country’ for playing at a casino, but you may not be allowed to claim a bonus such as a welcome bonus.


Your country may not appear as a ‘restricted country’ for playing at a casino, but you may not be allowed to claim a bonus, such as a welcome bonus.


If in doubt, you should always check with the casino’s support before depositing. It may even be the case that the country you reside in doesn’t allow you to enter the casino.


In order to find out whether your country is restricted, you will need to read the casino’s Terms and Conditions, which are usually located at the bottom of the casino’s website. It will also become apparent when you try to sign up to a casino and input your home address because you will notice that the country you reside in does not appear in the list for you to select. Again, if in any doubt, you can contact the casino’s support who will be able to tell you whether or not you can play at their casino.


Another way for you to check whether or not your country is restricted from playing is right here on CasinoSpies. All you have to do is type in the casino you wish to play at in our search box and select the casino. You can then read our official review of that casino, which will always include a ‘Restricted Countries’ section. Even if there are only several countries mentioned in the written part of a casino review, you can always check the ‘Restricted Countries’ bit for a full list of restricted countries. However, it is always advisable to check with the casino just in case the restricted locations have changed or been updated.


When it comes to signing up, the vast number of players that have problems with their locations are those players who reside in the United States. Players often find this difficult because the laws vary so much from state to state. You may also see that on a casino’s homepage it will say ‘No US players accepted’. If you are from the US and you see this at your chosen casino, it really will save you time of having to read the Terms and Conditions to find out and you can start to look elsewhere. It is actually very rare for a casino not to have any restricted countries. It may be that it only has a couple of countries that are restricted, it may just even be US players and that’s it, but on the flip side of this, some casinos may have a very extensive list with some only accepting players from the US. This obviously means that if you do not reside in the United States you cannot play at that casino.


The important thing to remember is the majority of online casinos will have a section covered in their Terms and Conditions regarding restricted countries. It is advisable that you check this every time you sign up at a casino. The rest is simple; if your country appears in the list, you cannot play at that casino and will need to play somewhere else.