As well as the popular games like video slots and table games, most online casinos will offer a selection of online scratch cards which you can also play. These are also known as ‘instant win’ games. There are some casinos that will focus mainly on these scratch cards, but for the majority of online casinos, there will just be a small section dedicated to these games, but with a great variety nevertheless.


Online scratch cards are basically just the online version of the lottery scratch cards that you can purchase at shops and stands. If you are already familiar with these, then the concept remains exactly the same at most online casinos and scratch cards are one of the simplest lottery games you can play. As with any other casino games, they are all based on pure luck and are regulated in the same way as other games at the casino to ensure fair gameplay at all times. Scratch cards are popular because they let the player know whether they have won a cash prize in seconds.


The history of scratch cards does not actually date back that far, as they are a relatively new phenomenon. They were actually only invented in 1974 by two Americans who were a computer scientist and a retail promoter, respectively. They went on to found a company called the Scientific Games Corporation. Their work led them to work closely with the current lottery system. Soon they concluded that players did not want to wait a week to find out if they have won like when buying a lottery ticket. From this they then came up with the idea to create the first scratch card. With the invention of technology and the internet it was inevitable that designers were going to bring scratch cards to the online gambling industry.


To play scratch cards, the same procedure applies as with any other games you wish to play online. You must first choose your online casino, register and make a deposit in order to purchase your scratch cards. Some players may deposit solely to play scratch cards, while others might just pop in and out of them whilst playing their usual games. Once you have picked the scratch card game you want to play, you will be presented with the amount you want to gamble. Sometimes the casino will offer different scratch cards depending on the amount you wish to bet. So, if you want to bet a small amount, the winning values may be smaller on those scratch cards and will get bigger the more you want to bet.


Online scratch cards pretty much resemble those you would buy in shop, but instead you would move your mouse over each panel of the scratch card to reveal the symbols or cash amounts underneath. For faster gameplay results most casinos will offer the feature for you to ‘Scratch All’ or ‘Reveal All’. This will automatically scratch all of the panels on the card for you altogether and you will instantly be able to see whether you have won or lost. If you have matching symbols or amounts you will be paid out according to the game’s paytable. Some casinos may give you matching symbols and the symbols will then represent a multiplier. So, if you were to get three matching symbols that represented a x20 multiplier, you would win twenty times your original bet. If you have not won you will lose your original stake and the game will end. You will then have the option to select a new card and start again by placing another bet.


Scratch cards are extremely straightforward and simple and offer instant wins that provide payouts quickly. While some scratch cards will allow you to win if one specific item is displayed, others may pay out if three of the specific items are exposed. Every scratch card is different and with them comes great variety, so you may even have the opportunity to win multiple times within just the one scratch card. The key to knowing this is to check the paytable before you play. This same rule applies regardless of which casino game you are playing. Just like you would check the paytable on your video slot games or table games, check them on these scratch card games, too. This way you can be sure that you are gambling your money on a game that is going to offer you a good return if you get those matching symbols.


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