Why should I remember my security question and answer?

During the registration process of some online casinos, you will be required to select a security question and answer. However, it is important to note that some casinos do not use this method of security. In cases where you are required to, it will just be one security question. Some casinos may require you to provide more than one. You will need to select a question and provide the answer to that question in order to proceed with the registration. More often than not the casino will provide a drop-down box with a number of security questions you can choose from. Common ones include, but are not limited to ‘mother’s maiden name’, ‘pet’s name’, ‘childhood nickname’ and ‘first car’. If there is not a security question that you want to pick or would not remember the answer to, some casinos will allow you to pick your own.


Once you have selected the security question or chosen your own, you must then supply the casino with the answer to that question. This is where it starts to get important. Picking the answer to your question can be vitally important in the future of your gameplay. To start off, you need to make sure you have spelt your answer correctly. While this may seem obvious, it is easy to make a minor error spelling, which could cause major problems in the future. If you use any uppercase letters, you need to remember this. If you are required at any time from the casino to supply the answer to your security question, you will need to type it exactly as you did at time of registration. So, if you spelt the answer wrong during registration, you will need to supply the casino with that exact answer.


Changing your security questions and answers can prove very difficult. What’s more, some casinos may not allow you to change these. If you access your account, you will probably see that the options of changing these details are not available. If you think that you will not remember the answer to your security question, you should keep a record of this in a safe place and not visible to anybody else. If you do forget either your question or answer, you should contact the casino’s customer support to see if these can be reset.


You should be prepared to provide the answer to your security questions at any time, which is why it is important to remember both the question and the answer. If you pick a security question that could have multiple answers, make sure you remember which answer you have chosen. For example, if you pick the question ‘Pet’s name’ and have or have had lots of pets, you may find it difficult to remember which pet in particular you chose at time of registration. Whereas if you pick the question ‘Mother’s maiden name’, this can only have one answer, so it is a lot easier to answer and one you are unlikely to forget. However, you do not want to be picking a question and answer that may be easily guessed by an intruder. A good question to pick is one that has an answer that does not change over time. For example, the question ‘Where did you vacation last year?’ could change quite regularly. When the time comes where you have to give the answer to this question, it could be easy to get this wrong if you have been on lots of vacations. These are only guidelines; what you pick is entirely your sole decision.


The option of a security questions means adding extra security to your account in case someone steals your login details. Sometimes the only way to prove your identity to a casino is through your security question and answer. The most likely case where you will be asked to provide the answer to your security question is if you have to reset your password. Now you can understand why it is vital you remember them. If you have already forgot your password, this means you can’t play, so getting the access back into your account as quick as possible is important. In order to reset the password, you may be asked the answer to the question you chose. Usually the casino will give you the security question and you will be provided to give the answer. In some cases you may have to choose the security question you chose as well, so make sure you remember both the answer and the question. There is nothing worse than not being able to remember these. Too many failed attempts of answering these questions would more than likely lock your account. Once you correctly give the casino the answer, you will be able to proceed with resetting your password.


As we mentioned earlier, the casino could ask you for these details at any point. You may be asked them in order to change any of your account information or you could even be asked them when you make a withdrawal. Remember: a security question should be easy to remember, but still not available to others. Ideally you should be able to remember the answer without having to check if you have written it down. We mentioned earlier about using uppercase letters; again, ideally, it will be easier if you do not use these, as you may be likely to forget that you have used uppercase letters.


In conclusion, we need to reiterate the importance of remembering your security question and answer. Access to your money may rely on you knowing both the question and answer, so if you think you won’t remember at time of registration, keep a record somewhere, so you can refer back to it.