Another vital part of an online casino is their support because, if you run into trouble at any casino, you need it to have a good support network as this may be crucial to your success. However, an online casino simply having a support team is not good enough; you really need to measure the quality of that support. After all, what good is a support team, if you cannot communicate with them on the same level. There is nothing worse than contacting support only to find that they are no good at all and hardly even understand you.


Firstly, you want to look at how many methods of support are available at your chosen casino. Basically, the more methods available to you, the better. Examples of support methods will include:

  • live chat,
  • email,
  • toll-free numbers,
  • phone,
  • fax
  • and many more.


The quicker you can get your problems solved, the better and ideally, the quickest way is usually live chat, so this may be number one your checklist. You may also want to be looking at how kind and genial the casino support is, as this is better for you! The incredible competition in the online gambling business recently has increased the importance of this aspect of relationships between a casino and its customers to a very high level!


The gambling industry has become so furious over the last few years and is increasing by the second, so every casino is not racing to attract every single player to play at their casino. The fact that they are providing quick and reliable support is a key detail in helping them achieve their goals. It’s proven that the better and faster the support, the more players a casino will attract. Some online casinos are even incorporating their live chat facilities into their mobile casinos. If you are playing via a mobile device, it is just as important to check what methods of support are available, as it may be the case that there are less options available when playing on your mobile device to when playing via desktop. Our advice is to always make sure you look for a link or a button called Help, Contact Us, Support, Live Help, Live Support, Live Chat or something like this in order to get help.


We briefly discussed this earlier, but the most common forms of getting help at an online casino are through live support, telephone, email and by reading the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Using the telephone as your method of support may be difficult, as you may find that your country is not one of the ones listed as a toll-free number. If you call the casino on any other number, you may incur charges. Always be cautious when considering this option, especially if you reside outside North America and Western Europe. If you are considering using this option, it would be a good idea to check the charges with your phone company first to avoid any unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives.


The Frequently Asked Questions section of every casino will vary on the number of questions that are actually answered. Some online casinos may have a vast number of questions, whilst others will only concentrate on a select few. If you are looking to solve just a basic issue, then you may find that all you need to do is read through the FAQs and you will get your answer. However, if your problem is a more complex one, the FAQs will probably not be able to help you at all. The FAQ sections are normally well built and full of useful, quality information. You should look here first if you need help on:

  • how to register,
  • how to make a deposit/withdrawal,
  • credit card limits,
  • security information
  • and help with changing your password.


However, bear in mind that this is only an example of the kind of questions you may find answers to.


If you prefer to contact support via email, then you are in luck because you will find this option at every single casino you play in. It is completely free of charge and rather convenient. The only downfall of using email to get help is that it is slow, as you have to wait for the casino support team to reply. Each casino you choose to play in will have their own timescales set on replies submitted by email. Some may promise to reply within 24 hours; others will offer even less time than this. However, should your problem be relating to your latest big win that you wish to draw, the thought of having to wait 24 hours for a reply will probably not sit well with you, as it is in the nature of every gambler to always look for the shortest route! As casinos keep progressing and competing, this use of email for help may soon be entirely replaced by every casino with a live chat facility.


The aforementioned live chat is by far the most convenient and fastest route to get your problems solved at any online casino. While this kind of support is the most preferred method of communication by the customers, it is, unfortunately, not provided by all the casinos. Even those casinos that do provide this level of support do not always make the service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, you may find that while trying to use the service, all the chat agents are offline. In the event of this happening, you will usually be able to email the casino via an online web form. Again, this reverts back to a longer waiting time for a reply.


Be very careful when dealing with the live chat support! First of all, always look at the start of the website address when the live chat window is opened and check if it begins with “https”. If so, then everything is ok and your security is guaranteed. On the contrary, if it is only “http”, we suggest you try another method of communication! If you do manage to speak to a support agent, it is always best to provide them with as much information as possible about the problem, as this will help with a quick solution. Also, bear in mind that you are supposed to be asked for some personal details just for confirmation in the beginning of each chat session. If not, try to find another method, because this means that not all the required security actions have been taken in order to keep your precious information safe and you are risking too much! Finally, try to behave in a decent manner, be kind and respectful. No matter how bad your problem may be, always remember that the support agents are there to help you and getting angry with them will certainly not solve anything. Remember: whatever has happened is not their fault and do not take things personally, have patience and it will surely help with a successful outcome.


Sometimes you may find that you are not completely satisfied with the quality of support you have received. More often than not the reason for these misunderstandings is some tiny detail, which can be resolved very quickly. Other times, however, usually when arranging a withdrawal, the situation might become really serious and you can find yourself in the middle of a complicated conflict with the casino support squad! In the unfortunate event this does happen, remember to remain calm and try to get in contact directly with the casino’s manager as soon as possible and provide them with all of the information you have in as much detail as you can. Even more importantly, do not hide or lie about anything because this could result in the issue being dismissed by the manager.  If the manager can’t help you or doesn’t want to, then you can always look for help in any of the major gambling portals.


Whichever way you decide to seek help for your problems, always keep your expectations high, because you deserve to be treated well and receive quality support. After all, it is your hard earned money at stake. Remember you always have exclusive right to seek support for absolutely anything and casino representatives cannot refuse to help. The customer is always right, especially when they are paying for that pleasure!


Like we mentioned before, always try and test the support at a casino, either before you join that casino or before you make your first deposit. If it turns out that you have to sit down and wait 2-3 days for a single email answer or the live support is often offline, you may need to rethink your plans of playing in that casino and invest your money elsewhere.