One of the most important things, if not the most important thing, to do before registering and depositing at a casino is to read the Terms and Conditions. Players more often than not fail to read the Terms and Conditions and, as a result of this, run into problems at a casino. A high percentage of complaints that are opened by players against a casino boils down to the fact that the player did not read or abide by the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be in small print, but taking thirty minutes out of your time to read them before registering and depositing may prevent you from any hassle at that casino in the future. They are well worth the read and, once you have read them, you are safe to play at that casino. If a casino changes their Terms and Conditions at any time, they will usually contact you via email to let you know amendments have been made to their Terms and Conditions. It is advisable to re-read them in that case. Still, they are not actually under any legal obligation to notify their players, so checking in now and again to read the Terms is certainly not a bad thing.


Each and every casino you want to play in will have a set of Terms and Conditions to read. When you register at a casino, you will almost always be asked to tick a box to confirm that you have read and importantly that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Upon ticking this box and proceeding with your registration, you then become bound by those Terms and Conditions. There is no backing out and you must obey them no matter whether you like them or not. It is so easy to just tick this box without having actually read the Terms and Conditions and a lot of players do it over and over again without even realizing the sheer importance of them. A lot of players do not even pay attention to them, but there really is no price when not only your money is on the line, but your privacy, too. Players that do this will soon realize that they have done wrong, because they have just signed a total acceptance of every single word in a contract, consisting from several thousands to several tens of thousands words – and each of these words is important! Make sure, when you tick that box, that you are true to yourself that you have read the Terms and Conditions. Additionally, if there are any points within the Terms that you do not understand or that you want clarification on, feel free to contact the casino’s support, so they can clear anything up for you. Yes, it may take time, but it will help you have an enjoyable experience at that casino. In short: reading the Terms and Conditions will spare you a lot of trouble and unpleasant emotions in the near future!


Usually these Terms can be found in the bottom of each casino website or in the navigation bar. What you should look for is something like: Terms & Conditions, Terms and Conditions, T & C, T&Cs, Terms, Terms of Use or User Agreement. If you do not see any of these, contact the casino support. There may also be other variants possible, but if in doubt, again you can contact the casino’s support at any time and they will be able to navigate you to their Terms and Conditions.


You may be wondering what the actual meaning of ‘Terms and Conditions’ is. Basically, it can be described as an agreement between you and the casino, by which are regulated the relationships of the both sides from the moment they sign it, which on the other hand is considered to be set, when you create an account in that casino! Or, in other words, from the moment you click the button “Create Account”, you declare the acceptance of all the casino Terms and Conditions! Knowing what to expect from a casino’s Terms and Conditions can be challenging at the best of times, as they pretty much put a contingency on everything they can. Still, it is important to reiterate the fact that, once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions document, you cannot at a later date contest the Terms and Conditions and you certainly cannot claim ignorance for not having read the content of them.


Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions document, you cannot at a later date contest the Terms and Conditions and you certainly cannot claim ignorance for not having read the content of them.


One of the first things you should always check the Terms and Conditions for is if the country that is stated in your documents of identity is not listed among the restricted countries of that casino. If you find that the country that you live in does appear in the restricted countries list, this automatically means that you cannot play in the casino, and, even if you already managed to register an account there, it will be closed usually a few hours later! If, for some reason you cannot find any listed restricted countries within the Terms and Conditions, it would be a good idea to contact support to ask them, in order to avoid any interruptions in the future. It will certainly exclude any disappointment if you do register and deposit. (Example: Most casinos, powered by Playtech software, did not accept players from Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Serbia, Sudan, The Philippines, Turkey and USA.)


Typically, a casino’s Terms and Conditions will tell you to which country that casino is licensed to. Again, this is another key factor when deciding whether or not to register at that casino, as it determines not only the rules, but the regulations to that casino that are individual to each and every country. Different tax laws may apply depending on which country the casino belongs to. There may also be certain restrictions regarding minimum age restrictions – some may be 18, some may even be 21. Most common licensing jurisdictions nowadays are Gibraltar, Malta, Kahnawake, Alderney, United Kingdom, Curacao, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Isle Of Man. An important point to remember here is that places like Costa Rica are considered to be home of the most known rogue casinos, so pay more attention in such cases.  On the other hand, Gibraltar, Isle Of Man, Malta shelter most of the top 50 casinos nowadays!


A crucial section of a casino’s Terms and Conditions is the part where it discusses the Terms of their bonuses. Thus, it is important to look for the conditions of getting and wagering any bonuses or promotions that casino offers. If you will be playing with a bonus, it is vital that you read the Terms first, as this may even be the key to your success. There is nothing worse than winning a huge amount of money, only to find later on that you have breached the Terms and Conditions of your bonus. If this happens, the majority of times the casino will forfeit any of your winnings derived from your bonus play and, as you have already ticked a box accepting the Terms when you registered, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.


It is also important to read the Terms and Conditions of any additional promotions a casino offers that you wish to participate in. Whilst a casino normally always includes the rules of their welcome bonuses in their Terms and Conditions, additional promotions may carry their own separate Terms, which you must read before accepting a bonus or promotion. For example, most of the casinos powered by the Real Time Gaming platform offer match deposit promotions to their customers from 200 to 400% with 30-35 times wagering requirements. In other words, if you deposit for the first time 200$ and get a 300% match bonus with 35 times wagering requirement, it means that you will have to wager (to make bets worth) 35 x (200+600) = 28000! Remember, you want an achievable playthrough requirement! Things to look out for when accepting a bonus are whether or not that bonus has a maximum bet. If you are a high roller and you are accepting a bonus that says in its Terms that the maximum bet allowed is only £5, you may need to reconsider that bonus.


A bonus may only allow you to play certain games within that casino and restrict you to just playing slot games and no table games. Some casinos even have different percentage requirements for wagering for each of their slots, which is another thing that you must read within the Terms and Conditions. You should also look for the explanation of the term “bonus abuse” and consider whether you might be treated as a person accused of such activities! For example, according to most of the casinos’ T&Cs, creating multiple accounts with purpose of redeeming bonuses is considered as a “bonus abuse” and leads to immediate account closure and void of all the winnings in your balances.


There will be sections of the Terms and Conditions that discuss financial details. This may include information regarding fees for withdrawing and depositing and minimal and maximal limits for depositing and withdrawing in any given period. The Terms may also tell you what the required documents are that you need to supply to the casino should you make a withdrawal. It is important that you have each and every document they require in order to carry out a successful withdrawal. Withdrawals that exceed certain amounts may require a more in-depth verification procedure. The Terms may also state withdrawal times and so on. For example, some casinos need 1-2 days to process a withdrawal to a Skrill ( previously Moneybookers) account, including the pending period, but some need 2 days just for the pending period and another 3-4 days to process the withdrawal! Make sure you are happy with these times before agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


Another point to pay close attention to are the rules surrounding your personal details, like in what way they are secured, how long they are kept for, who has access to them and if can they be destroyed. Such vital information is often overlooked by players. Many online casinos claim that they provide higher security standards, but only a few of them point exactly what measures are taken in order to ensure such high level of security!


Should a casino feel that you are abusing their Terms and Conditions at any time, they reserve the right to terminate your account. By reading the Terms and Conditions, you are not giving the casino chance to apply this rule. A casino could terminate your account for cheating, accessing the casino illegally because of your age or even your location, your name registered at the casino not matching the name on your deposit payment method or from letting someone else use your casino account. As long as you know the rules before registering, you will not fall short of these rules.


Another point that is often stated in a casino’s Terms and Conditions is regarding dormant accounts. Each and every individual casino will vary the duration depending on the jurisdiction of the casino. It is important to read the duration that an account is dormant, because, if you do not use your account but have funds in there, you are at risk of losing that money, should the casino terminate your account.


Ultimately, the Terms and Conditions a casino holds is what could make or break your casino experience and we cannot stress enough how important it is to read them each and every time you are considering signing up to an online casino. Once you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions, your stay at any casino will be secured and full of positive emotions, especially if you win something! Do not be lazy; after all, it is your money on the line. We wish that most of the online casinos have their Terms and Conditions translated to 10-15 languages at least, but, unfortunately, if you don’t speak English, German or French, it will not be an easy task! We strongly recommend you to find someone who is able to translate some of the basic Terms at least. Otherwise, you are risking too much! Another way is to seek help in any of the major gambling portals, like, where you can find forum sections, completely translated into Italian, Swedish.


And at the end – never register or deposit in any casino, unless you are familiar with any of the above mentioned details. In the best case you will lose 15-20 minutes, but in the worst, you will lose a lot of money and nerves!