Every gambler wants to be able to withdraw their winnings as quickly and efficiently as possible and this all boils down to two different aspects of a withdrawal. You will first have to wait for the casino to process your withdrawal and then you will have to wait for the money to reach your designated withdrawal method. These withdrawal timeframes can differ significantly between different methods. This guide will help you get a better understanding of the kind of timeframes you can expect to wait for the most popular withdrawal methods used by online casinos.


When discussing withdrawal timeframes it is important to note that casino usually work in business days. So, this means Mondays to Fridays and does not normally include weekends. If your withdrawal was processed and approved on a Friday and the withdrawal timeframe is two to three business days, you should not expect this timeframe to start until the Monday. In this example the money should arrive between the Tuesday and Wednesday.


So, let’s talk about the timeframes depending on your withdrawal method. E-wallets are without a shadow of a doubt the fastest way in which to receive your winnings from a casino. This is probably one of the reasons this withdrawal method is popular with players from all over the world. First and foremost this method is now available to most online casinos and, providing you have deposited with this method, you will be able to withdraw your winnings back to it. The most popular e-wallets that are used by players include Skrill (previously Moneybookers) and Neteller. Paypal is also another e-wallet account that is particularly popular with residents of the United States. Each of these e-wallet accounts will allow you to receive your winnings to them and then how you withdraw the money from them is up to you.


After you have waited for the initial processing time for your withdrawal and once it has been approved, the great news is that the money is usually instantly available in your e-wallet account. Most online casinos will, however, put a withdrawal timeframe on this method of one to two business days. However, as we just mentioned, in most instances the money will immediately be available in your e-wallet account. This makes this method an extremely fast, easy and convenient way to cash out your all-important winnings. Excluding your very first withdrawal at a casino, as you may need to verify your identity, subsequent withdrawals to this payment method could mean you receive your winnings on the same day as you requested the withdrawal. With some of the bigger and more reputable online casinos this could even mean you see your winnings in your e-wallet account in just a few hours, sometimes even less than this! There is certainly no other withdrawal method that has this flexibility.


Withdrawals to your credit and debit card can, however, take longer, but this can also depend on your card issuer as to when the funds are in your account. Once the casino has processed and approved your withdrawal, most online casinos will give a timeframe of 3-5 business days. When you include the weekend into this equation, it could take up to a week to arrive in your bank account. However, this again is just a guideline and you may find that the money is in fact in your account a lot sooner, possibly the day after. Once the funds have been approved by the casino and sent to your account, it is then out of the casino’s hands and they can only advise you of the estimated delivery date of the winnings. If it is an international payment, this can also delay the process but the casino should be able to give you rough timeframes on when you should receive your money.


Bank wire transfers can take significantly longer and overall this withdrawal method is time-consuming in many different ways. If you have resorted to using this option because there is no other withdrawal method available, you should expect to wait a little longer compared to the other withdrawal methods we have mentioned. A bank transfer will usually take anything up to 7 business days, while bank drafts can take up to 21 business days! This timeframe will also apply to e-cheques.


These are the withdrawal timeframes that are associated with the more widely accepted methods in online casinos. However, other withdrawal methods include Instadebit, WebMoney, Entropay and many more. Every online casino will list their withdrawal timeframes either in their Terms and Conditions or in a separate section labelled ‘ba­nki­ng’ or ‘ca­shi­er’. It is always a good idea to check these before you play to avoid any disappointment further down the line.