Withdrawals and bonuses, do I need to be careful?

Whenever you choose to accept a bonus at a casino, your withdrawal will always be restricted according to the bonus Terms and Conditions. All bonuses will have wagering requirements and you must make sure that you take this into account before taking up any promotional offer that gives you a bonus.


When we talk about casino bonuses, this could apply to a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus, a reload bonus or even a cashback bonus. Regardless of which bonus you have, it will have certain wagering requirements and will restrict withdrawals in the event that they are not met. If you want to make a withdrawal before you have met the casino’s wagering requirements, then you will forfeit any winnings accrued, along with your bonus amount and you will automatically opt out of the bonus. Some, but not many online casinos, will allow you to forfeit your bonus mid-way through and still be able to make a withdrawal.


There are certain areas that you need to be careful of regarding bonuses and withdrawals. As we mentioned above, wagering requirements is a guarantee and the specific wagering requirements will be set out in the Terms of each bonus you accept. It is important that you check these because you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until the set wagering requirements have been met. If you try to make a withdrawal before you have met the wagering requirements, the casino will more than likely void any winnings you have along with the bonus amount. So, this is certainly something that you need to be clear of. Make sure you know how much you have to wager and double check with the casino that your bonus Terms and been fulfilled before you request the withdrawal.


Another area that you need to be careful about is the games you play whilst using a bonus. If a casino restricts certain games to be played while playing with a bonus, this will clearly be stated in the bonus Terms and Conditions. You need to know exactly what games you are allowed to playbecause once you make a withdrawal, if you have not abided by the bonus Terms and Conditions, the casino reserve the right to forfeit your winnings along with the bonus and this is the last thing any gambler wants. Games that can sometimes be excluded from play can include the likes of progressive jackpot games and table games. If you are unsure, you can contact the casino for a full list of games that are excluded when playing with a bonus. Once you have completed the wagering requirements of the bonus, you can then play the games and not have to worry when you make a withdrawal that you have breached the Terms.


Some casinos will restrict the amount of winnings you can withdraw once you have accepted and played with a bonus. This is definitely something that you need to check and be comfortable with before you play. Once you have made a withdrawal, if it does exceed the maximum amount allowed by the casino, they reserve the right to restrict such withdrawals up to the maximum amount in any given period. The remaining funds will be placed back into your account and you will only be able to withdraw these after the given timeframe. However, this restriction is not one that is placed on every bonus and withdrawal you make so, again, check the Terms first to avoid any disappointment when it comes to your withdrawal. When you are playing with a no deposit bonus, almost every online casino will have a maximum withdrawal limit, so make sure you know the maximum you can withdraw from your bonus to avoid disappointment.


Most casinos will only allow you to stake a certain amount in one single bet when you are playing with a bonus. For example, some casinos may say that the maximum single bet you can place is $5 or will express this figure as a percentage of the value of the bonus amount you have received. So, let’s say you received a bonus of $20 and the maximum bet allowed was 20%, the maximum you could stake in any one bet would be $4. If, whilst playing with your bonus, you exceeded the maximum bet allowed the casino reserve the right to forfeit your winnings associated with those bets upon you making a withdrawal. If you are a player that generally places higher bets, it would be advisable to know this kind of information before you play.


Another area that you really should check before accepting a bonus is whether it is a cashable or a non-cashable bonus. The type of the bonus in question can affect your withdrawal. If you have been playing with a cashable bonus, then this will make no difference to your withdrawal, so you do not need to worry. However, if you have accepted a non-cashable bonus, then the amount of bonus you received will be taken out of your total withdrawal amount.


Whenever you make a withdrawal and you have been playing with a bonus which makes up the withdrawal, the casino has the right to check your game logs for irregular betting patterns and bonus abuse. If as a result of these checks the casino finds that you having been abusing the bonus Terms, there is no doubt that the casino will cancel your withdrawal and forfeit any winnings. It is also possible that your account will be terminated at that casino.


The points that we have covered in this guide are general points that come with most bonuses that are offered. However, each online casino is different and may impose their own Terms on their bonuses. It is always a good idea to read the casino’s bonus Terms and withdrawal policy before you play, as this could just be the key to your success.