Do you want to enjoy the casino experience without risking your cash to do so? Then social casinos might be what you”re looking for!

Get started with a Social Casino

A social casino is an application or web-page where you can play casino games such as poker, roulette, slots and blackjack with your online friends. Normally, to enter a social casino, first you must download the application to your device of choice or by using your web browser. Nowadays even popular social networks such as Facebook have integrated social casinos on their platforms.

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You have multiple options where you can join the fun. Some social casinos are hosted by independent companies. On the other hand, some are offered as a Free Tier by regular casinos.

We would suggest that you go for the regular casinos option. This is because they tend to offer higher quality games. These tend to have much less invasive advertisements – and the few advertisements they have normally point you to their main casinos. An advantage of this is, should you choose to join their regular casino, most probably you’ll be eligible for a special bonus!

What are the costs of a Social Casino?

Almost all social casinos are free to download. Operators make their money through in-game transactions. These transactions will most probably be micro in nature. You should be cautious when dealing with micro transactions. A dollar here and a dollar there quickly turn into a substantial bankroll.

The social casinos, normally have their own in-game currency. Currencies are distributed daily or hourly. when you’re out of coins, you’ll need to top up. This can be done either by purchasing in-game currency or wait for a refill. Some social casinos also let you “earn” in-game currency by watching advertisements too!

There is another option to obtain in-game currency which adds to the social element of social casinos. Some will allow you to gain currency by referring the social casino application to your friends. Others will also let you request a “gift” from your friends.

Playing with your friends

Playing with your friends at social casinos, has more benefits than just sending in-game currency to each other. Chatting with your mates while you’re in a slot or poker tournament always guarantees some good banter.

This is elevated by social casinos when they host special events or leaderboards. You can compete against your friends either for a limited event or for a series of games. Online casinos are also a good place to make virtual friends to chat and share a game with.

Social Vs. Online Casinos

The biggest difference between online and social casinos is the bet nature. While social casinos virtually possess no monetary loss risk, micro-transactions can accumulate quite fast. Furthermore, if you make your lost in-game currency back, you will never make back the money you already spent, regardless of how big your win is.

Secondly, social casinos are legal even in jurisdictions where gambling is explicitly prohibited. If one does not gamble because or religious or moral obligations, social casinos could be the answer too!

Play For Free - Play For Longer - 130+ Games - Get up to $10,000 Free

Our favorite benefit of social casinos is that it can be a very good environment for green players. If you are a new player and not experienced in the games you would like to play, you should firstly try them at a social casino! In this way, you won’t have to pay financially for your mistakes. Of course, if you are a new player we would also recommend checking out our guides as well!