Welcome to the CasinoSpies Guide section. Playing casino games and slots can give rise to many questions, speculations and concerns – and it is partly why CasinoSpies came to life.

In this section of the website we have gathered every single online casino guide that our writers and contributors have produced, all covering questions that often come up from members of the casino streaming community.


The Basics

As a new player to an online casino, there are things to learn about and take into consideration, if you want to make your experience as understanding and pleasurable as possible. Take a look at the following guides:

large-Casino Tips for Beginners Myths vs Facts
large-Know your customer large-Odds vs Probability
large-Volatility large-Variance
large-Bankroll Management large-Wagering


The Online Casino – Everything You Need to Know

Before Joining a casino Registration Process
Depositing at a casino Bonuses
Casino Software Casino Games
Withdrawing from a Casino Casino Support


Online Slots

Beginner's Guide to Slots Types of Slots
large-Online Slot Rules large-Title
Title-min large-How to Win at Slots


Table and Live Games

Baccarat Blackjack
Poker Roulette


The appendix features a gambling glossary with the definitions and explanations of the most common iGaming terminology. Additionally, in this part you will find a list of the most famous and important online gambling licenses and regulatory bodies with necessary contact information, especially should one wish to submit a complaint.

Casino Glossary List of licensing jurisdictions



Fearing a gambling problem? Say no more. This part deals with gambling addiction and offers advice on what one should do if they suspect they might be developing a problem with gambling. Read and learn all about protection methods and problem gambling in general.

Have a gambling problem Treating the addiction


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