I have just received an ‘Activation’ email from the casino, what’s that?

The final stage of registration is usually an activation email you receive from the casino in order to make your account active. Still, do not always expect to receive this, as not all online casinos provide this last stage of registration. Once you have successfully completed the registration form, you may receive an activation email. In order to complete your registration at that casino, you will be required to click the link within the email.


An activation email is simply that. It is an email that is sent to the email address you provided at registration that contains a link from the casino. That link when pressed will direct you back to the casino you have just registered in. By doing this, you are confirming to the casino that you have received the email and you are who you say you are. This then activates your casino account. You will more than likely be required to re-enter your password in order to get access to your account. When you click the link and return to the casino, you may see a message that says something like: “Thank you for successfully activating your account”.


As we mentioned earlier, not all online casinos provide this service. However, the ones that do use this, do so to ensure you as the player give the correct details. It is primarily being used to make sure that when you sign up you are giving the casino a real email address. It also ensures that you have access to that email address, as you have to click the link. Without access to that email, you will not be able to activate your account. It allows the casino to presume that you are the legitimate owner of that email address.


As well as activating your account via the email, it also allows the casino to be able to contact you in the future with the correct email address. It could be used for password resets, withdrawals, general communication and promotions. If you attempt to sign up to a casino giving a false email address, you will not be able to play there as you will not have access to the activation email. It is important to give the correct email address at the time of registration. Some people may have multiple email addresses; if this is the case for you, give your primary email address and make sure you use one that you know the password to and access on a regular basis. Do not give a false email address because you think you may receive spam from that casino. An accurate email address is vital to successful gameplay at any online casino.


Some players may wonder whether or not the option of an activation email is safe. The answer to that question is quite simply yes! You should have no doubts in receiving this email or clicking the link, as it is perfectly safe. Online casinos use this option as an additional measure for your own protection. For example, someone else could try to register an account in your name using your email address. If this was to happen, you would receive the activation email. Most activation emails will mention if you have not requested this activation email to either ignore it or to contact customer service, and they will provide details. If this ever happens, it is important to follow the instructions for your online safety.


Lastly, if the casino informs you once you have completed the registration that they are sending you an activation email, you need to head straight for your inbox. Find the email and click the link. If you cannot locate the email in your inbox, it would be a good idea to check your spam folder and see if it has gone in there. If it has, you can still click the activation link and then add the casino’s address to your email’s safe list for future emails. If, however, you cannot find the email in your inbox or spam folder after a few minutes, you will need to contact the casino’s support team. There may just be a small delay on the email coming through or it may be a different problem. To reiterate, it is important to take care when filling in your email address on the registration form to ensure this activation email arrives. You will need to confirm your email address to the casino support team who will be able to check you have put the right one. If there are any issues, the casino will advise you of the next steps in order to activate your account.