So now we move on to loyalty bonuses. These work in a different way to your welcome bonuses, your match bonuses and your reload bonuses. Most casinos will now offer their players some kind of loyalty bonus. You’d be hard pushed now to find an online casino that did not offer these bonuses. The great thing about loyalty bonuses is they usually come with much less restrictions than your average casino bonus. Loyalty bonuses are given to players after playing at a casino over a certain period of time. This is not a bonus you can claim from a single deposit. It usually requires multiple deposits at the same casino before you will be entitled to a loyalty bonus. While these bonuses are usually given at the discretion of the casino, just like with any other bonus, you should always check the Terms and Conditions of the loyalty bonus before playing with it.


You may see loyalty bonuses labelled as ‘VIP Scheme’ or ‘Loyalty Program’ or ‘Loyalty Scheme’, which can usually be found on the casino’s homepage. Once you have clicked the link, you should then see instructions from the casino that explain exactly how their loyalty scheme works. These schemes can vary greatly from casino to casino, so it is important to read the Terms at each casino you play in. There is a common theme that runs with most online casinos. You may find a structure that places you into a different loyalty tier like ‘silver’, ‘gold’ or ‘platinum’. You will start at the lowest tier and will work your way up only through deposits and depending on the amount you wager at that casino over any given period of time. If you are a less frequent depositor and a low roller, you may find that it seems to take forever to work your way up through the tiers. On the other hand, the more loyal players that consistently place deposits at the same casino and especially high rollers will find that they work their way up these tiers much faster.


Generally, the higher the tier, the more rewarding bonuses you will get. The benefits that are handed out between the tiers can also vary greatly. In some cases, they can be extremely generous. If you are a high roller, then it really would pay for you to do your homework when it comes to loyalty bonuses. It is well worth searching around to find the casino that offers a rewarding loyalty bonus, as you will certainly be able to reap the rewards for your high deposits and wagers. When you are at this kind of level, you could even email the casino to find out about extra benefits that may be available to you.


A loyalty program can reward you with money and even prizes. Loyalty schemes can often be given to the player as a kind of cashback bonus, the difference being you can earn loyalty bonuses whether you win or lose. Most casinos’ loyalty programs will work in the form of points earned. Generally for every 10 credits, placed in bets, you get 1 point and, after reaching a certain number of points, you have the right to replace them for an amount in cash at a ratio of 100 points = 1 credit. So, in order to get 10 credits, you need to earn a total of 1000 points. Once you exchange your accumulated points, your credits will become subject to certain wagering requirements. Your points will accrue on every bet you make at the casino. The casino may hold certain loyalty points promotions, in which case you may be able to play certain games and earn double or even triple loyalty points. Basically, most loyalty schemes work like this: the more you play, the more points you earn and the higher the tier you will climb. Higher tiers may see you being rewarded with extra bonuses or even lower wagering requirements. Like we touched on earlier, generally the players who deposit large sums of money and place large bets are those who will benefit from these loyalty bonuses the most.


Remember, if loyalty bonuses just do not seem your thing then there are more than plenty of other bonuses that you can take full advantage of. But also don’t forget that you are building up your loyalty points, which could certainly be handy if you have built up a few hundred or thousand points and you are short of cash. You can redeem your loyalty points without having to make a deposit and continue playing at the casino.