When you decide to deposit at an online casino, you will be provided with numerous different deposit methods to choose from. Which one you choose is entirely up to you. However, most gamblers probably look for the easiest and quickest way in which to deposit. Funding your online gambling account is relatively easy, but this guide is here to help you along the way.


Bear in mind that the gambling laws for American online casinos and those that operate in the UK, Europe and all other parts of the world may differ from one another. Certain countries may have a limited amount of methods when it comes to funding your account. In this guide we will explain all deposit methods regardless of your country.


There may actually be more deposit methods than you think, with some online casinos offering a staggering number of different methods. There are so many methods these days that you do not even need to have a credit/debit card, because most casinos will now offer prepaid vouchers such as Ukash and Paysafe. A bank account may be required in order to withdraw if you are funding your account using these methods, but more on that later.



E-wallet accounts such as Skrill, Neteller and Paypal are fast becoming the most popular payment method with gamblers all over the world and almost all online casinos now accept some form of e-wallet. This will usually include one or more of the most popular ones like Skrill, Neteller or Paypal. E-wallets are extremely convenient to use online and usually, there are very little fees involved, if any, with this method of funding. However, if you are from America, you may find that this option of depositing is not available to you.


Depositing via this method is quick and easy. The money is usually instantly available in your casino account for you to play. It is just of matter of choosing the amount you want to deposit with. You can rest assured that this method of depositing is extremely safe and secure. In order to make a deposit via an e-wallet, you will first have to set up an account with your chosen e-wallet company. If you already have one, you simply have to log in to your account through the casino’s cashier. The process is fairly simple and pretty quick. Online gambling operators are able to process your e-wallet deposits very quickly which is why your money will be instantly available for you to play. You do not need to worry about your personal information, as the companies will use the latest encryption to keep this information safe at all times. You will not be required to enter your credit card information.


Credit and debit cards

Depositing via your credit or debit card is another extremely popular form of payment method for players worldwide. There are so many popular brands out there these days, which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Solo, Visa Electron and Discover. Most people possess either a credit or debit card and already know how to use them online. They are convenient, quick and easy to use. Different casinos will vary on which cards they accept. The most reputable online casinos will offer a wide variety of different cards to deposit with, while other casinos may only offer a select few. You should check with the casino you want to play in first to see if your card is accepted to avoid any future disappointment. Making a deposit with your credit or debit card is very straightforward. You simply select your preferred card and enter in the full card number. This will be followed by your expiry date and the three-digit security code, which is also known as the Card Verification Value (CVV) code. Depending on what card you are using, you’ll see if you need to enter the start date and an issue number. Your billing address that you have registered with the casino must match the one on your credit or debit card. Failure to keep these details up to date may result in your deposits being declined.


When you deposit via a debit card, you must have the funds in your account to cover the deposit amount in order for the payment to go through. If you are depositing using a credit card, it is important to keep an eye on your deposit limits. Once you have completed the payment, this will usually be instantly available in your account for you to play with. This method of depositing is again very safe to use. Withdrawals will be made back to the same card with the exception of some Mastercards where you may need to request a bank wire transfer or a cheque. You will be allowed to deposit your required amount, providing the funds are available. This is usually done without the involvement of any hefty fees. You may find that there will be minimum and maximum deposit limits in place depending on which card you use to deposit.


Visa is probably the most popular and largest credit company in the world and again is extremely popular with gamblers and online casinos. You would probably find it very difficult to stumble upon a casino that does not offer Visa as a payment method. This is probably the preferred method of credit/debit card amongst the majority of online gamblers. Most online casinos will accept Visa debit and credit card transactions. You do not need to worry about your personal information being compromised in any way. As we mentioned above, it is perfectly safe to deposit via your card. As players from the US are restricted from using e-wallets, most players will turn to this as their preferred method of depositing.


Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are more popular in countries where you may not be able to use a credit or debit card due to legal restrictions. They actually work in pretty much the same way as credit and debit cards. With a prepaid card, as the name suggests, you have to preload the card with a sum of money before you can use it. Most casinos that accept Visa and Mastercards will allow you to deposit with a prepaid card as well. The process is still relatively easy and quick, with the only downfall being you have to keep loading the card with money to use it. Prepaid cards can be loaded both online and locally, depending on the type of card you have.


An important thing to remember is that casinos may not accept every prepaid card, as there are so many these days. You should check with the casino before you open an account that your card is accepted in order to avoid any disappointments. You should also check that your card can be used for gambling purchases with the card issuer.


When you are ready to make your deposit at your chosen casino, do not worry if you can not find your specific prepaid card as a payment method. As most cards come under a Visa or Mastercard, these will just be listed in the credit and debit card sections.


A Paysafe card is very popular amongst online gamblers and is widely accepted. They are easy to purchase and quick to use. They can also be bought in various amounts to suit you. If you are a high roller, you may find that this form of depositing is just not for you. Paysafe card deposits are available in various different countries, but again, it would be a good idea to check with your chosen casino if this method is supported before opening an account.


Making a payment via a Paysafe card is pretty easy. Once you have purchased your desired amount from the retailer, you will be given a 16-digit pin number. You must visit the casino’s cashier and enter the number exactly as it appears. You do not need to spend all of the funds that are on your card, as they are reusable so you could make multiple deposits. You can check your balance by visiting the Paysafe website. You can also use multiple Paysafe cards to combine your deposits into one amount. You will usually be allowed to enter up to 10 different pin codes.


Ukash is another form of prepaid card that you can purchase. It works in pretty much the same way as Paysafe. Be careful when depositing via these methods, as most casinos will not allow withdrawals back to this method. Prepaid cards are a safe way of depositing and you can control your spending as you have to load the cards with money first. If you are purchasing a Ukash voucher, you need to ask the retailer to make it for over 18s; otherwise, you will not be able to use that voucher code in any online casino.


Cash transfer/wire transfer

There are various methods of cash transfer you can use to deposit at a casino. These include but are not limited to:

  • Western Union,
  • Bank Wire,
  • Moneygram,
  • and Instant eChecks.


This method of depositing is usually popular with American gamblers, but can be used by gamblers all over the world.


Using this form of method can be more complicated than the other methods we have discussed. Each form of cash transfer will have its own separate process that will need to be followed. You may be required first to set up an account with the chosen cash transfer company and would then need to contact the casino’s support to obtain the relevant financial information from them in order to transfer the funds. You will then need to complete the process via the company’s website. Once the process is complete, you will have to wait for the money to go through to the casino and the transaction will need to be confirmed before you can play. You may also be required to pay a fee of some kind. You can also complete cash transfers in retailing shops depending on where you live.


You can also complete a deposit via a bank transfer, which can be very popular when it comes to high rollers. Again, this method of depositing is usually available to all players in most online casinos. Bank transfers can process in a considerably slower time than credit and debit card payments, which is a major disadvantage for this method of depositing. However, the actual process is fairly simple. You will need to check with the casino what details you need, but you will usually be given the following details to give your bank:

  • account number,
  • SWIFT code,
  • IBAN and the company address
  • and the bank address.


You will then need to give your bank these details and tell them how much money you wish to transfer. The bank will then carry out the transaction. All you have to do then is wait for the money to go through. While the process is fairly simple, it can be very time-consuming. You may also need to pay a transaction fee. The time it can take for the transfer to complete can be anything between about two to three days.


A less popular method of depositing is via e-cheques. These work pretty much in the same way as traditional cheques, although you do not actually have to send a paper cheque. E-cheques are just an online version of the traditional cheques. You can deposit via an e-cheque by using your bank’s routing number, your bank account number and the name of your bank account.



Finally, you can also deposit in some online casinos using Bitcoins, which is an open source digital currency system. Bitcoin will not be accepted by your banks, as it is not a legal tender currency, but there are more and more online casinos that are accepting this as a payment method.