Why I’m obliged to check the Terms and Conditions checkbox

One thing is always guaranteed when you sign up to an online casino and that is: you will always, ALWAYS have to tick the checkbox that says you have read the casino’s Terms and Conditions, and yes you are obligated to tick this box. If you do not tick this box, it’s very simple: you just will not be able to sign up at that casino or any other casino if you are not willing to agree to their Terms and Conditions. It can be quite easy to just tick the box and proceed with registration without actually reading the Terms and Conditions, but take it from us – this is the wrong thing to do. The majority of complaints that we process here are from players that ultimately have not actually read the Terms and Conditions prior to depositing or registering and have then later breached the Terms. Players are often surprised to learn that they are obligated to check the Terms and Conditions checkbox, but failure to check the Terms and Conditions and reading the small print could definitely lead to something going wrong in your experience with the casino in the future.


As we mentioned above, the act of actually accepting a casino’s Terms and Conditions does not necessarily mean that a player has done so. A lot of players do not do so either because the Terms and Conditions are long-winded or simply because they may assume them to be accurate and legitimate. Remember that by accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are entering into a legally binding contract, so it really is in your best interests to read them before you tick the checkbox to accept them.


It is vitally important that you understand everything that you need to know about the casino you are choosing to play in before you sign up. Otherwise you might find yourself discovering some unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget you cannot challenge a clause of the Terms and Conditions after you have ticked the checkbox because you didn’t know it was there. The Terms and Conditions of any casino are clearly written and you are bound by those terms no matter what.


Each and every casino you play in will have different Terms and Conditions. While some may have similar sections, they will all be unique to that casino and you are obligated to always read them and tick the checkbox. Once the checkbox has been ticked, players undertake to fulfil the obligations contained within the casino’s Terms and Conditions and the agreement will become active between the player and the casino as soon as the registration is complete. By ticking the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions, you can also be satisfied that the agreement you have just entered into suits you as a player and you can have a good relationship with the casino.


Accepting the Terms and Conditions will be a once only requirement. Once you have registered, that will usually be it. In some cases where a casino updates or changes their Terms and Conditions in any way, you may be required to re-read them and again you are obligated to agree to the new Terms and Conditions. Should you not agree to them, your account will not be able to continue and will be terminated by the casino. You may also be required to accept any Terms and Conditions that come with any bonus you may accept or any promotion you may participate in. Casinos are well within their rights to change their agreement with you at any time, but if they do so, they will have to inform you of this.


The reason you are obligated to read a casino’s Terms and Conditions is because you are choosing to play there. By registering you are potentially going to go ahead and make a real money deposit at that casino. Whilst not all registrations may lead to a deposit, the option of investing your money into that casino is always there and indeed always open for you. For that reason you need to know how that casino runs, as it is going to affect your experience there. Let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t buy something from a shop, if you had no idea what is was. The concept is the same with online casinos; you’re not going to deposit your money somewhere where you have no idea how they work.


Being obligated to sign the casino’s Terms and Conditions is definitely not a bad thing; they are there to help you have a better experience. Every casino, without a shadow of a doubt, will have their own rules and you are obligated to know these rules by reading the Terms and Conditions, so that you can abide by them. Take it from us: there is nothing worse than signing up to an online casino without actually reading the Terms and Conditions, then going on to win a jackpot only to find out you are in breach of the Terms and Conditions and you have your winnings forfeited. Unfortunately, there will always be players that do this, but this guide is here to help you do differently and not fall into that category of players.


The advice is simple: always read the Terms and Conditions of any online casino before you sign up.